10 Most Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds

regardless of whether a dog is a

purebred or a mutt temperament size and

energy level are the three factors that

can help you choose a good family dog

in today’s video we bring to you the top

10 most kid-friendly dog breeds

before we move any further make

number 10

Bulldog Kid-Friendly Dog

for a devoted patient pup that’s sure to

act affectionately towards kids the

bulldog is your go-to breed the bulldog

has a sturdy build that is perfect for

kids however you won’t win any awards

for most energetic dog a friendly and

loyal bulldog gets along well with other

pets and dogs too the bulldog is

comfortable living in large houses as

well as small apartments their smaller

size makes them suitable to both large

houses and small apartments as well

if you are interested in getting a

bulldog keep in mind that the compressed

nature of their jaw means they’ll need a

little extra care with teeth cleaning

and wheezing snoring and some drooling

are part for the course the folds around

their tail and facial wrinkles will need

to be cleaned to prevent dirt buildup on

the other hand a coat needs minimal care number nine

Beagle Kid-Friendly Dog

beagle the people’s small

size and calm temperament make this

breed a great choice for families they

can easily be carried beagle’s sturdy

build means they’re never too tired to

play games if your kids love the

outdoors this breed will fit right in

since there’s nothing they love more

than exploring outside and taking to the trails

smart friendly and happy the beagle

usually gets along with other pets too

they use shed so they require frequent

brushing and bathing number eight

Bull terrier Kid-Friendly Dog

unfairly branded as an aggressive animal

the bull terrier was actually bred to be

a companion dog friendly and loving

towards adults and kids alike keep in

mind that your bull terrier may often

have mischief on their mind especially

when it comes to other small animals and

dogs avoid problems by keeping your pet

mentally and physically active every day number seven

Newfoundland Kid-Friendly Dog

Newfoundland nicknamed

nature’s babysitter the Newfoundland is

considered to be one of the most

intelligent breeds in the world and

these dogs just happen to love children

and are very protective of them gentle

kind and patient this breed is almost

like the mother teresa of dogs both

younger and older family members will

quickly fall in love with this large

wonderfully sweet dog the Newfoundland

best suits a family with large open

spaces and although they are known to

drool and shed excessively they should

not be left to live outdoors in the yard

no dogs should

their long coats will also require

regular grooming and upkeep number six

Vissla Kid-Friendly Dog

vissla while this breed isn’t

exactly a common household name mostly

due to their need for regular exercise

they’re actually one of the best dog

breeds for active and energetic families

with older kids the vizsla has a lively

disposition but a gentle manner and is

both loyal and affectionate the breed is

also obedient confident and smart this

lets form close bonds with family

members and are able to learn new tricks

quickly they have a short coat so their

grooming routine is quite low

maintenance number five

Irish setter Kid-Friendly Dog

known for the red coat the Irish setter

is playful and energetic loves being

around people and plays well with


in fact this breed loves being with her

family so much that they hate to be

alone which means they’re on their best

behavior when surrounded by their loved

ones this dog needs lots of exercise and

is a good match for energetic kids a

smart and trainable companion the irish

setter is perfect for people with a yard

and they’re great at greeting new people

that come into your home as well

irish setters do have a longer coat so

they will require regular grooming and

brushing to prevent them from getting

hair mats number four

Poodle Kid-Friendly Dog

poodle besides their often distinctive

haircuts the poodle also happens to be a

very smart and gentle dog

proud and elegant this dog breed is both

caring and loyal and is seldom annoyed

or bored poodles are available in both

miniature and standard sizes meaning you

can choose the specific poodle size that

best matches your living environment

they’re great for kids with allergies as

they shed very little each breed comes

with different perks the standard poodle

breed is very obedient smart playful and


although they are often shy with

strangers they get along great with

people and kids that they know

miniature poodles on the other hand tend

to dedicate themselves to one person in

particular but they are good with other

pets and kids they are smart responsive

obedient and playful no matter the

the particular breed of poodle however their

coats do require scheduled grooming number three

labrador retriever Kid-Friendly Dog

labrador retriever this is

one of the most popular dog breeds and

for good reason the labrador retriever

is playful patient loving protective and

reliable they are highly intelligent and

take well to training they require a lot

of exercise and love swimming so be sure

your family is up for the challenge make

sure that they have plenty of room to

run around and play whether they’re

black labs chocolate labs or yellow labs

they all share the same sense of stamina

strength and obedience that makes them

such a popular breed these affable

dollars get along well with other

animals and pretty much everyone they

meet plus their short coats mean that

they only really need a weekly coming to

keep them clean and healthy however

labradors do shed so you should be

prepared for cleaning up their hair

regularly number two

Golden retriever Kid-Friendly Dog

golden retriever the golden retriever is

a confident smart kind and loyal dog

neither aggressive nor timid the golden

retriever is extremely patient which

makes them a perfect match for kids

while the breed does need a lot of

exercise they love to play retrieving

games are their favorite for example

your golden might love playing with

frisbees you’ll often find that the

fun-loving golden retriever is

affectionate and obedient as well

meaning that your kids will fall in love


proper care for their glorious golden

coats require twice-weekly brushing number one

Mutts Kid-Friendly Dog

mutts while your family might

be considering only purebred dogs don’t

count out mixed breeds mixed breeds

often provide the best traits of two or

more great breeds and one dog when you

adopt a mixed-breed doll you are saving

the lives of two dogs the dog you adopt

and the dog you’ve now made space for at

the rescue by adopting you can also get

more behavioral background on the dog

the shelter or rescue workers spend

their days caring for the dogs so they

can let you know about the ins and outs

of a dog’s personality and habits in

terms of size if the dog is in what and

also not fully grown you might only get

best estimate on their size as an adult

so now that you know a thing or two

about kid-friendly dogs choosing a new

dog for your family should be a little

bit simpler but remember that while

these dogs may have characteristics that

make them great family pets you will

still need to work on daily training and

socialization to help them become good

canine citizens.

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