A Review of Dr. Reactive’s Mega Drop (Red 7/WMS)

WMS’s partner studio Red7 has released their first grid slot, Dr. Reactive. There are two different kinds available. One is as a standalone game. The second option, which contributes to the Mega Drop network-wide prize, is the best choice. We evaluated another Red7 slot lately that is connected to this network, Tetris Extreme. Both machines use a mechanism in which symbols fall into a grid to create a different kind of gaming experience for the user. Beyond that, though, they’re very distinct adventures. Fans of grid slots have had a productive few weeks, what with a plethora of exciting new titles hitting the market. Dr. Reactive has some formidable rivals; has he found the optimal combination of ingredients to defeat them?

To begin, the title isn’t entirely accurate. While Dr. Reactive does make an appearance now and again, he is mostly nowhere to be found. Considering the laboratory he works in is a deep purple, this is especially true. It’s not an exact comparison, but I can’t help but think of the Simpsons’ nuclear power facility. You never knew when Homer would show up to do something completely crazy, like blow the building up. What we receive isn’t too far from that. From time to time, explosions and flying electricity result from interactions between the many regents and potions on the grid. You will want this to happen. The nickname “Dr. Reactive” is well-deserved, as his activities often result in interesting and useful outcomes for the game.

Let’s examine the game’s core technology till then, though. Dr. Reactive has a grid slot system in which 64 symbols are randomly placed in an 8×8 grid after each spin. The traditional win lines have been replaced by cluster pays, which are awarded if 5 or more identical symbols appear in a horizontal or vertical line. When a symbol is a winner, it is eliminated from the screen and new symbols fall into its place. It seems to reason that a single spin can set off a cascade of payouts. You can place a minimum bet of 20 p/c every spin and a maximum bet of 100 $/€. There are two tiers of RTP. A respectable 96.11% is achieved when the game is linked to the Mega Drop jackpots. If not, it has a dismal 94.11% chance of being used as a standalone slot.

We will attempt to condense the payscale/information part, which now spans no less than 24 pages. There are six standard pay symbols, all of which are novel and relevant to the topic. Red, purple, green, and orange potions come first, followed by a lightning bolt and a DNA symbol that pays 50 times the wager for a cluster of 15 of either color. The following symbols, with their supplementary features, all have a more engaging impact on the game.

Features of Dr. Reactive’s Mega Drop (Red7/WMS)

The wild sign acts as a replacement for ordinary game icons and may also come with a multiplier of 2-x5 during the main game. When more than one wild contributes to a winning combination, the Multipliers of all contributing wilds are added together. Red7 claim up to 1,000x at the most which appears pretty high.

When the atom symbol appears in close proximity to the lightning bolt or the DNA symbol, it activates those corresponding symbols. With the DNA Reaction function, any non-wild symbols in a column or row will burst, clearing the way for new symbols to fall into place. There is a payoff of 1x the stake for each DNA reaction. Clearly the lowest paying symbols will explode and clear the grid of fresh symbols to tumble in if the Atom lands adjacent to the Lightning Bolt, causing bolts of lightning to flash across the grid.

The Free Falls are the following attraction. The Free Falls meter fills up by 1 whenever a new symbol appears in the game, be it from a Lightning Reaction, a DNA Reaction, or a winning combination. Free Falls are rewarded in increments of 10 or 15 if the meter reads 5, or 7. Free Falls follows the same guidelines as the original game, with the exception of a wild that doubles all multipliers. With each roll, the number of Wilds that remain on screen decreases by 2. When they reach zero, they vanish completely. If the Free Fall meter reaches 5, an additional 5 Free Falls will be added to the game.

And now, a word about the Mega Drop. Before any of the three jackpots may grow to their maximum amounts, someone must win them. This will cost you 1,500 credits for the Minor, 20,000 for the Major, and 200,000 for the Epic. You have an equal chance of winning one regardless of the size of your wager.

Dr. Reactive is a passable debut try at a grid slot. It contains occasions when plenty of winners chain together, as well as stacks of multipliers to spice up the winnings. Red7 says the multipliers can reach x1,000, which is incredible and calls out for visual representation. Even without the jackpots, the potential payout is still close to 2,000 times the initial wager.

When compared to other grid slot machines, Dr. Reactive holds its own. Its gameplay is inferior to those of current releases like Dragonfall or others from Play’n GO. Playing Dr. Reactive is fun, but only if you play the progressive jackpot edition. It is vastly superior due to its much greater RTP and, of course, its substantial top reward. In fact, if you’re looking for a game to play on your own without connecting to a network, look elsewhere.

The low return to player percentage is a deal breaker, especially when compared to other fluid grid spaces with more potential. Overall, there are some fun times to be had, but if grid slot action is what you’re after, there are better options on the digital shelves.






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