Best Guard Dog Breeds to Protect Your House and Family

perhaps you’re looking for a guard dog

a breed that is capable of

protecting you your property and your


after all, in history, most canines are

used to protect their people and their

property from

unwanted visitors are usually an excellent

a guard dog is loyal

protective but not aggressive strong

smart alert and obedient while some dogs

can be trained to be guardians

there exist canines that are naturally

born to act as protectors

if you’re wondering what dog breeds do

an excellent job in being a companion

and a protector

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before we begin

as mentioned today we’re going to

explore the top 10

guard dog breeds if you’re ready then

let’s begin.

Rhodesian ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgeback the top 10 on

our list is the dog that is native to

South Africa

the Rhodesian ridgeback is this breed which

was originally bred to hunt large games

and lines

is known to be very loyal and


making it an excellent natural watchdog

being natural protectors this breed

doesn’t need training

however basic obedience training is

essential for them to learn to listen to

your commands

since they tend to be stubborn and


if not properly trained this dog tends

to easily attack a stranger

the Rhodesian ridgeback is aloof towards


they also don’t bark often so once they


it should be taken seriously at home

with their families

the Rhodesian ridgeback is cuddly loyal

and protective despite their muscular


they love to cuddle with their owners.


9 pulley comes from Hungary

poolies are medium-sized herding dogs

with extreme intelligence

known for their long corded coat pulleys

make excellent companions for owners

with an

active lifestyle since this breed is


and will enjoy hiking running and other

outdoor activities

brave loyal and protective of their


poolies will bark to alert their owners

if anything out of the ordinary happens

they are alert towards strangers however

without proper socialization and


they can be too wary which may result

for them to bite easily

being smart dogs pulleys need constant

mental stimulation and companionship.

Belgian Malinois

8. Belgian malinois is a breed that’s

similar to the german shepherd but

is smaller in size than the Belgian Malinois

is popular for

police and military works because of its

intense energy

strong protective instincts agility

search and rescue abilities

and trainability having a high energy


this breed needs daily exercise because

they are

intelligent and quick to learn they

would also enjoy having a job to do

at home, they are smart loyal strong

active weary of strangers but also


for this reason, they need early

socialization and training

when trained with obedience training

Belgian malinois will learn tricks and


in no time indeed they make great

guard dogs.

common door

7. common door

another guard dog that is originated

from Hungary is the commodore

don’t let the commodore’s mop head

appearance fool you this dog that is

known for its signature dreadlocks

is strong brave active and

loyal originally they were used to

protect properties in livestock

such as flocks of sheep as part of the


the commodore is devoted affectionate

gentle and kind they’re also patient

with children

though they can be very weary of


with their muscular body in big size

this breed can be dangerous to strangers

including animals and people if not

properly trained

for dogs to be calm and relaxed around

new people’s early socialization

is important 6. rottweiler

athletic obedient and alert the

rottweiler is gentle yet protective

guard dog

with a natural protective instinct they

are affectionate and playful around

their families

but are completely opposite towards


for this reason early socialization and

training is

essential keep in mind that a Rottie

will only listen to its owner

if he is given proper training without

proper guidance

this breed can be dangerous to other

people and animals

they should know how to control

themselves knowing when to calm down

and when to be aggressive they are quick


therefore training should be easy they

may be wary of strangers

until they confirm that the person is

not a threat.

German shepherd

5. german shepherd ranking fifth on our

the list is the german shepherd

like the Belgian malinois, this breed is

also popular for being engaged in police

and military works at home they are calm

and gentle

but will also be confident fearless and


to risk its life if faced with a

threatening stranger

they are intelligent and have a loud bark

are loyal

and are quick learners indeed this breed

is one of the best protection dogs out


of course like with all other guard dogs

the german shepherd also needs training

and socialization

with their large size, this breed is

capable of taking down

any intruder and burglars if the need


however, owners may opt for their german

shepherds to show no aggression to

visitors by consistent



4. Akita

Akira is a Japanese mountain dog with a

large and athletic build

they are strong courageous loyal and


however, it can be difficult to raise

but with patience and consistency

this breed will make an excellent

companion as well as a guard dog

as a member of the family, Akitas are

known to be

very sweet goofy playful but also


after all, they are social animals around


they can be very suspicious and are

always ready to act if necessary

thankfully a well-trained Akita will

greet a guest without hesitation

of course with the owner’s command

they’re also not known to bark

unless there’s a valid reason


giant schnauzer is largely strong and


this breed’s intimidating appearance is

enough to scare off intruders

and burglars being natural protectors

the giant schnauzer will bark to alert

it’s family of possible threats

they also won’t hesitate to take down

and bite their enemy

if needed for this reason they make one

of the best guard dogs

while they can be scary for some the

giant schnauzer is loyal

and protective of its family however

this breed is demanding when it comes to


they need mental and physical

stimulation or else they will develop

destructive behavior

which is not ideal considering their

huge size

they also tend to chase smaller animals

so it’s highly suggested that they are

the only pets

inside the house 2. Doberman

known to be excellent at being military

guard and family dogs

the Doberman’s ability to be fast

courageous and powerful

is enough to make it one of the best

guard dogs that exist

to be effective protectors the Doberman

needs to create a deep bond with its


otherwise, they won’t be as energetic and

alert as they should be

they are quick learners so training and

socialization should be easy

a well-trained Doberman will listen to

its owner

and would not exhibit sudden aggression

unless needed

so when a visitors came they will remain

calm on your command

their intimidating bark is enough to

drive intruders that may try to enter

the house

if the intruder is persistent the

Doberman won’t hesitate to attack

considering their ability to be fast the

the bad guy will be caught

in no time one bull mastiff

the first on our list is known for its

protection instincts

physical strength braveness extreme

devotion and loyalty to its family

the bull mastiff is born to be the protector

this breed needs structured training to

enhance its natural protective instincts

while their bullish appearance is enough

to scare off intruders

they are also extremely affectionate and

loving towards their family

they are also intelligent so training

should be easy

considering these characteristics the

bull mastiff makes the perfect companion

for owners who need protection

as well as companionship even with


this breed can be a good playmate

provided that he is well trained

the bullmastiff needs to be part of the

family or they’ll become destructive

intense socialization is important for

this breed identifies a good person

from a bad when faced with a suspicious


this breed will release an intimidating


but if the intruder is persistent then

he is surely looking for trouble

since the bullmastiff is always ready to


keep in mind that the key to a

well-rounded dog regardless of its breed

is consistent training and early


be patient and you’ll be rewarded with

an amazing companion

and that ends our video for today if you

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