What is the Meaning Behind the Big Purr Movement?

big purr meaning

You may have heard of the “big purr” movement, but what does it mean? The big purr phenomenon has been growing in popularity in recent years, and it’s time to uncover its true meaning. This blog post will explore the origins and significance of this phrase, as well as how it can be used to bring joy and comfort to your life.

The Origin of the big purr meaning

The phrase “big purr” was first coined by a woman named Patricia Greene in 2017. She was searching for ways to express her gratitude and love for a dear friend who had passed away. Patricia wanted her friend’s legacy to live on through her words, so she chose the phrase “big purr” as a way to honor their friendship. She chose these two words because they represent strength and resilience in the face of adversity—something that Patricia felt strongly about her friend embodying during their time together.

The Meaning Behind Big Purr

The term “big purr” has come to mean something much more than just a word or two; it has taken on an entirely new connotation over time. It is now commonly used as a way to show appreciation, support, and love for someone or something special in your life. Whether you are expressing gratitude for someone who has helped you through tough times or simply showing your admiration for another person’s success, saying “big purr” is an easy way of conveying that sentiment without having to say too much. 

How Can You Use Big Purr?

You can use big purr in any situation where you want to show appreciation or support for someone else. Whether you are giving them a hug or simply telling them that they did a great job on something, using this phrase as part of your expression can help add an extra layer of sincerity and emotion behind your words. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed by life’s struggles, try taking a few moments each day to think about something that brings you joy and then express it with “big purr!”

Conclusion:  The power of the big purr movement lies not only in its catchy phrase but also in its ability to spread positivity throughout our lives. By using this term we can show our appreciation for others while also reminding ourselves that we are not alone when facing difficult situations. So next time you want to show someone how much they mean to you or express your own gratitude towards life’s blessings, don’t forget—give them a big purr!

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