52 Top Box Braids Hairstyles for Black Women in 2022

Box Braids Hairstyles

I do my knotless box plaits Irecently transferred a thump and spotsprays video yet it was anything but a voiceoverit was to a greater degree a visual and I kind ofwant to give you folks a voiceover justso I can make sense of precisely exact thing I doso first I might want to begin bypartnering the hair from one side of thehead to the opposite side of the head andthen once

I do that I like to go withinthat segment and sort of guide out howmany interlaces will be in thatsectionjust so I can ensure everything isparted flawlessly and the subsections thatI’m going to do are going to bearound the equivalent sizeso next I like to take that sub sectionand split it into three pieces andthese will be the three piecesthat I will mesh withI like to begin with

my right handcrossing over and getting a handle on the piecefurthest on my left side and I do this withevery single braidthen I will cross the hair overinto my left back over into my rightthen I will cross it back overinto my left again this is where I’mgoing to add a piece of hairand for the roots to not be toobulky ensure you don’t add too muchhair yet enoughso once I get the hair back over in myright and afterward again back over to myleft I will add extra hairand I will rehash this processuntil I get the thickness of the braidthat

I desireyou can likewise Box Braids Hairstyles

I desireyou can likewise see that I have someproduct on my hand I like to keepproduct on my hand orvery nearby to keep everythingneatso I’ll add item all through the braidwherever I feel is neededforeignyou likewise need to ensure that you’reusing some sort of Palm Cove or edgecontroljust to ensure that the hair is neatand I like to utilize The Sparkling Jam whichis

the very Jam that I generally use in allof my twist videosso I’m feeling free to part thehair offthen I’m going on and separatemy hair into three sectionsand again I will begin with thatright hand getting a handle on the piece furthestto my leftswitching the hair back over to my lefthandmaking sure everything is lying neatlycross the hair back over to my rightthen again back over on my left side and hereI’m going to add a piece of hairadd a hair to your bunch and showers isvery like added hair when you’redoing taking care of twists so assuming that you know howto do take care of in plaits and not the spraysshouldn’t be excessively convoluted for youI know the muddled part for me whenI was figuring out how to do the knotlessbraids where

I definitely knew

definitely knew how to dothem yet it wasn’t quite so slick as they arenowI struggled with sorting out how Iwanted to hold the roots all together tomake the hair seem perfect and flatand the best proposal that I cangive that I have learned is to begin outwith twisting the client’s hair downum on more than one occasion before you start tobraid the hairbecause I know before I was adding hairfrom the beginning despite the fact that I was addingit under the hair I was adding hairfrom the beginning and it sort of made theroots somewhat more massive and lessneat so when I sorted out that I neededto twist the hair the client’s hair multiple times before I added the hairit had a superb effect with myresultsforeign to make sure you all can see what is beingdone continuously versus me speeding thevideo up so Box Braids Hairstyles

genuinely want to believe that you all can reallyappreciate the constant ness of thisvideo and how lengthy it is like I said Ijust needed to let you all see exactlywhat is being donein continuous versus me speeding theclips up to save time soI think this is the last clasp thatactually is another clasp that is goingto be in genuine timeumand then you all can see the resultslet me know which technique you all preferdo you all like the standard box braidsor you do you favor the knotless

box braids

box braids me by and by I like the knotlessbroad splashes since it’sless strain on the hair versus theregular box interlaces and me I’m all aboutprotective styling so in the event that it doesn’t feelif I don’t feel like it’s safeguarding myhair orum it’s a ton of weight on my hair Idon’t make it happen so I really have not gottheso I truly have not gotten theregular enclose plaits an extremely longtimeumI need to attempt the knotless interlaces thoughI have done them on myself yet it wasn’tlikeum these outcomes by any means so

I need to dothese in the end yet I just got to findsomebody to do them that I entrust with myhair so in the event that you have any recommendationsin Atlanta region, most certainly leavethose down underneath as wellI realize that a many individuals say that orI’ve heard certain individuals say that theregular box meshes last longer than theknotless twists for themandI don’t realize I mean I know with theknotless twists you will not need to worryabout the knotson the plaits sliding down on the grounds that Iknow with like customary box interlaces aroundthe perimeterthe hair or the better believe

expansion hair tends

it the expansion hair tends to slide down the your naturalhair a tad since that hair isthinner so you will not need to worryabout with the knotless meshes and theknotting showers are significantly less tensionon your hair as wellas soon as I’m finished doing my clientshere my clients can flip theirhair to and fro out of control ponytailand those kinds of Styles as soonas I’m finished with their meshes without ithurting or pulling on their rootsthat I can’t say something similar for with theregular

box meshes you most certainly do notwant to pull those up in a pig tail forat least seven days for the hair toloosen up a little bitso that is the motivation behind why I would preferthe knotless plaits since I knowthat it’s most certainly less pressure onyour rootsforeign[Music][Music]foreign[Music]these are my outcomes everything shouldbe flawless and flatand like I said I’m ready to move myclients hair without it beingharsh on their head or their scalphurting from the interlaces being so tightsee I’m ready to flip them over dowhatever on the off chance that she isn’t pushing one bitpull them up in a ponytailalright folks

Knotless Box Twists Box Braids Hairstyles

Whether a task or occasion is a triumph relies on how the group sees it. Colleagues will conclude the progress of a venture in view of their singular support and commitment.

In the event that your regular hair is fine, you might want to wear augmentations that are light. This is an incredible choice for people with better normal hair since it’s lightweight and more extensive than customary twists which can pull on your hair design and put weight on your braids.

This interlacing style is perfect for those with better normal hair, as it is lightweight and fanned out more than ordinary box meshes. Box Braids Hairstyles

This hairdo is the most ideal for those with a more slender, better surface. It’s additionally extremely lightweight and breezy, ideal for individuals wishing to keep their regular hair seeming to be only that.

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