50 Classic Poems Read By 12 Celebrities: Morgan Freeman

love Poems

incense-bearing tree and here were timberlands antiquated as the slopes unfurling love Poems

bright spots of plant life however goodness that profound heartfelt gap that skewed down the

green slope a through our distant cover a savage spot as heavenly and captivated as

air underneath the disappearing moon was spooky by lady howling for her evil spirit sweetheart and

from this gap with unending strife fuming as though this world in quick thick love Poems

pants were breathing a powerful wellspring momently was constrained in the midst of whose quick

half intermitted burst gigantic parts vaulted like bouncing back hail or Chaffee

grain underneath the harvesters thrash and mid these moving rocks immediately and ever

it flung up momently the consecrated Stream five miles wandering with astounding love Poems

movement through wood and Dale the consecrated Stream ran then arrived at the caves

unimaginable to man and sank in tumult to a dormant sea and mid this tumult

Kubla heard from far genealogical voices forecasting war the shadow of the arch

of delight drifted halfway on the waves where was heard the blended measure from the wellspring and the caverns it was a

supernatural occurrence of intriguing gadget a radiant Joy Vault with caverns of ice a lady with a

dulcimer in a dream once I saw it was an Abyssinian house cleaner and on her dulcimer love Poems

she played singing of Mount Bora might I at any point restore inside me her Ensemble and tune

such a profound joy to had win me that with music boisterous and long I would fabricate that vault in air that radiant arch those

caverns of ice and all who heard ought to see them there and all ought to cry be careful

be careful his glimmering eyes his drifting hair weave a circle round him threefold and love Poems

shut your eyes with blessed fear for he on honeydew hath took care of and intoxicated the milk

of heaven to Brooklyn Scaffold by heart

crane to Brooklyn Scaffold the number of Day break’s chill from his undulating

rest the seagulls wings will plunge and turn him revealing insight rings of tumult

fabricating high over the binded straight waters of Freedom then with untouched

bend neglect our eyes as nebulous as sails that cross some page of figures

to be documented till lifts drop us from our day I consider films all encompassing skills

with hoards bowed toward some glimmering scene never uncovered yet

rushed to again anticipated to different eyes on a similar screen and you across the

harbor silver glued like the Sun made stride of the yet left some movement love Poems

ever unspent in thy step certainly thy opportunity remaining you out of some

tram leave cell or space a bedlamite rates to thy railings shifting their

momently deafening shirt expanding a quip tumbles from the stunned band down

wall from support into road early afternoon releases a tear tooth of the skies acetylene all

evening the cloud flew Derek’s turn thy links inhale the North Atlantic

still and dark as that paradise of the Jews love Poems

murmur Gurdon Award thou dost present of namelessness time can’t raise lively

respite and exculpated out as show o harp and raised area of the rage melded how should

simple work adjust naik wiring strings dynamite limit of the prophets

promise supplication of untouchable and the darlings cry again the traffic signals that skim

thy Quick on fractioned colloquialism flawless murmur of stars beading thy way consolidate

time everlasting and we have seen night lifted in nine arms under thy shadow by the love Poems

wharfs I stood by just in dimness is thy shadow clear the city’s blazing packages

all scattered as of now snow lowers an iron year o restless as the waterway under

you vaulting the ocean the grasslands dreaming turf unto us lowliest once in a while

clear slip and of the bent boat loan a legend to God love Poems

in the event that everything happens, that isn’t possible by EE Cummings

in the event that everything happens, that isn’t possible in event that everything happens that isn’t possible

furthermore, anything’s righter than books could design the most moronic educator will nearly figure with a run skip around we go yes

there’s nothing as something as one hasn’t a why or in light of the fact that or in spite of the fact that and

buds no better compared to books don’t become ones anything old being everything new

with what which around we come who once every anything not really good or bad the world is a leaf so

a tree is a bow and birds sing better than books tell in what way here is away thus your is my with a down up around

again fly perpetually was never till now I love you and you love me and books a

screen than books can be and somewhere down in the high that just falls with a yell each around we go for the most part present’s

someone calling who’s we are anything more splendid than even the Sun

where everything more noteworthy than books could mean where each anything over convictions with a twist jump alive love Poems

we’re alive we are great one time one

1263 by Emily Dickinson sonnet 1263 there

is no frigate like a book to take us lands away nor any coursers like a page

of skipping verse, this cross may the most unfortunate take without a press of cost how

parsimonious is the chariot That bears the human spirit love Poems

[Music] Sall by John de

[Music] some proceed to get a falling star get with

youngster a Mandrake root let me know where all previous years are or who parted Satan’s

foot train me to hear mermaids singing or to keep off begrudges stinging and find

what wind effectively progresses a genuine psyche if thou beest brought into the world to bizarre locales

things imperceptible to see ride 10000 days and evenings to mature

snow white hairs on you thou when thou return actually let me know every abnormal marvel

that came upon you and swear no place carries on with a lady valid and fair assuming that thou view as one

tell me such a journey were sweet at this point don’t I wouldn’t go however at straightaway

entryway we could meet however she were valid when you met her and last till you compose your letter yet she will be misleading here I

come to 2 or 3 Song on a breezy evening love Poems

by TS Eliot Song on a blustery night 12

o’clock along the spans of the road held and ilona combination murmuring

approaching spells broke up the floors of memory and all its reasonable relations its divisions and Accuracy’s

each streetlight that I pass thumps like a fatalistic drum and through the spaces love Poems

of the dim 12 PM shakes the memory as a lunatic shakes a dead geranium

half-past one the streetlights buttered the streetlight murmured the streetlight

said respect that lady who delays towards you in the radiance of the entryway which opens on her like a smile you see

the line of her dress is torn and stained with sand and you see the corner

of her eye turns like a screwy pin the memory hurls stranded a

horde of bent things a wound tirade upon the ocean side Eden smooth and cleaned as though the world

surrendered the mystery of its skeleton solid and white a wrecked spring in a plant

yard rust that sticks to the structure that the strength is left hard and twisted and

prepared to snap half beyond two the

streetlight said commented the feline which smoothed itself in the drain gets out its tongue and gobbles up a piece of love Poems

rotten margarine so the hand of a kid programmed got out and stashed a toy

that was running along the key I could not see anything behind that kid’s eye I

have seen eyes in the road attempting to look through lit shades and the

crab one evening in a pool an old crab with barnacles on his back grasped the love Poems

end of a stick which I held him half beyond three the light faltered the light

murmured in obscurity the light murmured respect the moon la lune atomic outfitted

dokyoon rangoon she winks a weak eye she grins into corners

she smooths the hair of the grass the moon has lost her memory I cleaned out

smallpox breaks her face her hand contorts a paper rose that scents of residue and old

Cologne she is distant from everyone else with every one of the old nighttime smells that endlessly cross

across her cerebrum the memory happens to gloomy dried geraniums and residue in

cleft scents of chestnuts in the roads and females smells and covered

rooms and cigarettes and hallways and mixed drinks scents and bars the light said

4 o’clock here is the number on the entryway

memory you have the key the little light spreads love Poems

a ring on the step mount the bed is open the toothbrush holds tight the wall

put your shoes at the entryway rest get ready

for life the last bit of the blade birches by

Robert Ice birches when I see birches

twist to left and right across the lines of straighter hazier trees I like to

think some young men been swinging them however swinging doesn’t twist them down to remain

as ice storms do frequently you probably seen them stacked with ice a radiant winter

morning after a downpour they click upon themselves as the breeze rises and turn

colorful as the stirrer breaks and frenzies their polish soon the sun’s love Poems

warmth makes them shed gem shells breaking and avalanching on the

snow-outside such piles of split glass to clear away you’d think the internal vault of

paradise had fallen they are hauled to the shriveled Bracken by the heap and

they appear to be not to break the whenever they are bowed solo for long they won’t ever compose

themselves you might see their trunks curving in the forest years subsequently

following their leaves on the ground like young ladies on all fours that toss their hair before them over their heads love Poems

to dry in the Sun yet I planned to say when truth broke in with all her

matter-of-reality about the ice storm I ought to like to have some kid twist them

as he went out and in to bring the cows some kid excessively far from town to learn

baseball whose main play was what he ended up summer or winter and could

play alone individually he curbed his dad there’s trees by riding them down finished

what’s more, over again until he removed the solidness from them and not one however

hung limp not one was left for him to overcome he realized all there was to

find out about not jump starting out too early thus not diverting the tree clear love Poems

to the ground he generally held his balance to the top branches climbing cautiously

with similar torments you use to top the cup off to the edge and, surprisingly, over the

overflow then he flung outward feet first with a wash kicking his direction down

through the air to the ground so was I once myself a pleasure seeker of birches thus

I fantasy about returning to be it’s the point at which I’m fatigued of contemplations and life is

an excess of like a pathless would wear your face consumes and tickles with the spider webs

broken across it and one eye is sobbing from a Triggs having a lashed across it

open I might want to move away from Earth for some time and afterward return to it and

start over may no destiny adamantly misjudge me and half award what I

wish and grab me away not to return Earth’s the perfect locations for adoration I don’t

know where it’s probably going to go better I might want to go by climbing a birch tree and

climb dark branches up a snow-white trunk toward paradise till the tree could love Poems

bear not any more however plunged its top and put me down again that sounds great both

proceeding to return one could do more regrettable than be a pleasure seeker of birches love

pathetic or the horrible saw from Isle a see by WS Gilbert

the horrible melody while you’re laying there with a horrid migraine and rest

is no by tension I can check whether you might utilize any language you decide to enjoy

in without indecency for your cerebrum is ablaze the bedclothes plot of common

sleep to loot you first your counter agony proceeds to reveal your toes and your sheet slip upgrades from under

you then the covering stimulates you feel like blended pickles so frightfully sharp is

the pricking and your heart and your cross and you tumble and throw to this nothing deceives you in the ticking then love Poems

the bed garments all jerk to the ground in a stack and you get them all in a knot next your pad leaves and

considerately declines to stay at its typical point well you get some rest in the

type of a rest of hot eyeballs and head truly hurting yet your sleeping youngsters

with such horrendous dreams that you’ve a lot of should be waking for you dream you are crossing the channel and throwing

about in a liner from Harwich which is something between a huge washing machine and a tiny second-class

carriage and you’re giving a treat penny ice and cold meat to a party of companions

also, relations there are covetous swarm and they all came on board at Sloane Square in South Kensington stations and

bound on that venture you find your lawyer who began that morning from Devon he’s a piece modest and you

try not to feel astonished when he lets you know he’s just 11 well you’re making like frantic with this particular chap by the by the

boat’s currently a four-wheeler and you’re playing round games and he calls you terrible names when you let him know that Ty’s paid

the vendor yet this you can’t stand so you hurl your hand and you track down you’re pretty much as cold as an icicle in your

shirt in your socks the dark silk with gold Clarke’s intersection Salisbury Plain on a bike and he and the group are on love Poems

bikes to which they’ve some way or another or other put resources into and he’s let the tars know all the piece of your laws of a

organization he’s keen on it’s a plan of gadgets to get at low costs all products from espresso blend only two links

which stimulated the mariners by regarding retail like they were all vegitables you

get a decent spades Minh to establish a little merchant first remove his boots with a boot tree and his legs will flourish

what’s more, his fingers will shoot and they’ll bloom and bud like an organic product tree from the greengrocer tree you get grapes and

green pea cauliflower pineapple and cranberries while the baked good cook plant cherry liquor will concede apple puffs in three

corners and boycott breeze the offers are a penny and very many are taken by Rothschild and Bering and similarly as a couple

are distributed to you conscious with a shiver miserable you’re a customary

wreck with a cramp in your neck and no big surprise you wheeze for your heads on the floor and you’ve needles and pins from

your spirits to your shins and your tissue is a drag for your left legs snoozing and you’ve cramp and your toes and a fly on your nose and something you’re lying in

a hot tongue and a thirst that is extraordinary from an overall perspective that you haven’t been resting living it up however the love Poems

haziness has passed and it’s sunlight finally and the night has been long same

likewise my melody and thank heavens there

the two of them over a general store in

California by Allen Ginsberg a general store in California what

contemplations I have of you this evening Walt Whitman for I stroll down the side roads under the trees with a cerebral pain

reluctant taking a gander at the full moon in my eager weariness and looking for

pictures I went into the neon organic product grocery store longing for your

lists what peaches and what obscuration’s entire family shopping around evening time walkways loaded with

spouses wives in the avocados children in the tomatoes and you garcia lorca

what are you doing somewhere near the watermelons I saw you Walt Whitman

childless forlorn old grubber jabbing among the meats in the cooler and peering toward the staple young men I heard you

posing inquiries of every who killed the pork cleaves what value bananas are you, my heavenly messenger, I

meandered all through the splendid piles of jars following you and continued in my creative mind by the store

analyst we stepped down the open hallways together in our single extravagant

tasting artichokes having each frozen delicacy and never passing the

clerk where are we going Walt Whitman the entryway is shut in an hour what direction

does your facial hair point this evening I contact your book and dream of our Odyssey in

the grocery store and feel silly will we love Poems

walk the entire night through lone roads the trees add shade to conceal lights out

in the houses we’ll both be forlorn will we walk longing for the lost America

of adoration past blue vehicles and carports home to our quiet cabin ah

dear dad graybeard forlorn old mental fortitude educator what America did you have when

Karen quit pulling his ship and you got out on a smoking bank and stood observing

the boat vanish on the dark waters of Lethe

Clee 1955 the poor person – mAb The Faerie

Queene by Robert Herrick the poor person –

crowd The Faerie Queene please your effortlessness furniture store given arms to one that is

unfortunate that your Mikkel might have more dark and gone for need of meat

give me then a demonstration to eat or the parted ear of a mouse-over blade and drink of

sauce or sweet woman came to me the midsection of a honey bee or order a crickets

hip or his embrace them to my scrip give for bread a tad of pacify that

Ginn’s touch it and my full thanks take for it blossom of fluff-balls that is as well

great for a man in destitute hood however the dinner of milk residue can well satisfy a desire man any Expressions the mythical beings decline love Poems

well will serve the vs use however in the event that this might appear to be a lot of unfamiliar arms,

give me such small amounts that settled there and the detainees pannier saw a

favoring light upon you and strong Oberon that you’re bounty last until when

I return your arms again conceal excellence by

Gerard Manley Hopkins conceal Excellence greatness be to God for dappled

things for skies of couple tone as a marked cow for rose moles all in

texture upon trout that swim new fire cold chestnut Falls finches wings

scene plotted in pieced overlay decrepit and furrow and all exchanges their stuff and

tackle and trim everything counter unique extra peculiar whatever is

flighty freckled who knows how with Quick sluggish sweet sharp a stun faint he father’s

forward whose excellence is past change acclaim him 13 when I was one of every twenty by AE

Housman 13 when I was 1 of every 20 when I was love Poems

1 of every 20 I heard a shrewd man say give crowns and pounds and guineas yet not

your heart away part with pearls and rubies yet keep your extravagant free yet I

was one out of 20 no utilization to converse with me when I was 1 of every 20 I heard him say once more the

heart out of the chest was never given to no end tis paid with size in abundance and

sold for unending mourn and I’m 2 and 20 and owed his actual tis valid


the tired blues by Langston Hughes the

tired blues rambling a sleepy timed tune shaking to and fro to a smooth

brutal I heard a Negro make light of on Lennox Road an evening or two ago by the

pale dull force of an old Gaslight he did a lethargic influence he did a sluggish influence to

the tune of those fatigued blues with his grand hands on every ivory key he made

that unfortunate piano groan with song Goodness blues influencing forward and backward in his flimsy stool

he played that miserable battered tune like a melodic blockhead sweet blues coming from a

person of color’s spirit Goodness blues in a profound melody voice with a despairing tone I heard

that Negro seen at old piano groan ain’t got no one in this world and got

no one except for myself I was visually impaired I stopped my glaring and put my difficulties on the Rack don’t pound went his foot on love Poems

the floor he played a couple of harmonies then he sang some more I got the exhausted blues and

I can’t be fulfilled got the William blues and can’t be fulfilled I ain’t

cheerful no more and I wish that I had kicked the bucket and far into the night he creamed that

block the stars went out thus did the moon the artist quit playing and went

to bed while the fatigued blues reverberated through his head he rested like a stone

or on the other hand a man that is dead the passings of the

ball turret heavy armament specialist by Randall Jarrell the demise of the ball turret heavy weapons specialist from love Poems

my mom rest I fell into the state and I slouched in its paunch until my wet

fur froze six miles from Earth loosed from its fantasy of life I woke to dark

fire and the horrible contenders when I passed on

want your organization not that we think us commendable such a visitor yet that your value

will elevate our banquet with those that come whose beauty might make that appear

something which else could expect new regard it is the fair acknowledgment sir

makes the diversion amazing not the Cates yet will you need to correct

your sense of taste and olive escapades or some better plate of mixed greens guaranteeing the lamb with a

short leg hen on the off chance that we can get her loaded with eggs and afterward lemons and wine for the sauce love Poems

to these Akane isn’t to be given up all hope of for our cash and however fowl currently be

scant yet there are representatives the sky not falling figure we might have songbirds I’ll

tell you of more and untruth so you will happen to Partridge fowl Woodcock of

which some may yet be there and God mind on the off chance that we can natte rail and unpleasant to house

Gracious ere my man will peruse a piece of Virgil Tacitus Livie or of a superior book to

us of which will express our genuine thoughts in the midst of our meat and I’ll purport no refrains to

rehash to this on the off chance that nothing seem which I know not of that will the baked good not my

paper show of stomach-related cheddar and organic product there sure will be nevertheless that which most

doth take my dream and me is an unadulterated cup of rich canary wine which

is the mermaids currently however will be mine of which had Horace or an Akron tasted

their lives as do their lines till presently had endured tobacco nectar or the love Poems

artist spring are everything except Luthor’s brew to this I sing of this we will sup

free yet decently and we will have no poli or parrot bye nor will our cups

make any blameworthy men yet at our splitting we will be as when we guiltlessly met no

straightforward word that will be expressed at our happy board will make us miserable next morning or a dread the Freedom that

we’ll appreciate this evening time and again by John

harmony to fall time of fogs and

smooth productivity close chest companion of the developing Sun planning with him

instructions to stack and favor with organic product the plants that round the cover roof hurry to

twist with apples the must cabin trees and fill all organic product with readiness to the

center to expand the gourd and full the Hazel shells with a sweet part to set

sprouting more despite everything all the more later blossoms for the honey bees until they figure warm days won’t ever stop for summer love Poems

has or overflowed their sticky cells who hath not seen the oft in the midst of thy store

some of the time whoever looks for abroad may find the sitting reckless on a silo floor

thy hair delicate lifted by the winnowing wind or on a half procured wrinkle sound

snoozing tired with the smoke of poppies while I Snare saves the following area and

all its twine odd blossoms and in some cases like a Gleaner that simply keep consistent thy

loaded head across a stream or by a juice press with patient look that watches to

the last Zeng’s step by step where are the tunes of spring

I where are they think not about them thou hast thy music – while acquired mists

blossomed the delicate biting the dust day and contacted the stubble fields with blushing tone then in

a whale full ensemble the little gnats grieve among the waterway sallows borne overtop or

sinking as the light wind lives or kicks the bucket and totally mature sheep boisterous cry from

sloping borne fence crickets sing and presently with high pitch delicate the red bosom whistles

from a nursery croft and social occasion swallows Twitter in the skies love Poems

days my philip larkin days what our days

for quite a long time are where we reside they come they wake us endlessly time over they are

to be content in where might we at any point live yet days ah settling that question brings the

minister and the specialist in their long covers running over the fields The Owl

furthermore, the Pussycat by Edward Lear

The Owl and the Pussycat The Owl and the love Poems

Pussycat went to the ocean in a wonderful pea-green boat that took some honey and a lot of cash enveloped with a

five-pound note the owl admired the stars above and sang to a little guitar

all exquisite or pushing my affection what a delightful you will be you will be you

are what a delightful you are shared with the owl you exquisite fowl how

charmingly sweet kissing all let us be hitched too lengthy we have faltered however

how will we help a ring they cruised away for a year and a day to the land for the bong tree develops and

there in a wood a piggy-hairpiece remained with a ring toward the finish of his nose his nose his

nose with a ring toward the finish of his nose ear Pig are you able to sell for one

pushing your ring said the piggy I will so they removed it and were hitched

following day by the turkey who lives in the slope they ate on mince and cuts of

quince which they ate with a runcible spoon and connected at the hip and the edge of

the sand they moved by the radiance of the moon the moon the moon they moved by

the illumination of the moon a hymn of life

in any case, the core of the young fellow told the psalmist by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

a song of life let me know not in sad numbers life is but rather an unfilled dream for

the spirit is dead that sleeps and things are not what they appear life is

genuine is sincere and the grave isn’t its objective residue thou workmanship to clean

returnest was not talked about the spirit not happiness and not distress is our predetermined

end or way yet to act to every tomorrow finds us farther than today workmanship is long

furthermore, time is transitory and our hearts however heavy valiant still like stifled drums are thumping burial service

walks to the grave on the planet’s expansive field of fight in the bivouac of

life dislike imbecilic driven cows be a legend in the difficulty trust no future

anyway charming let the dead past cover its dead demonstration act in the living present

heart inside and God or head lives of incredible men all remind us we can make our

lives magnificent and withdrawing abandon us impressions on the ways of the world

impressions that maybe another cruising or life’s grave mane a hopeless and

wrecked sibling seeing will cheer up again allowed us then to be up and doing

with a heart for any destiny actually accomplishing as yet seeking after figure out how to work

furthermore, to stand by

the public nursery by Robert Lowell the

public nursery polished wore out still

consuming as the year you lead me to our favorite spot the city and its cruising bends encompass the general population

garden all’s alive the kids swarming home from school at 5:00 drop-kicking a football

in the bricky air the mariners and the pickup’s under trees with latin marks and the tainted herd of Swan moles

oars to its canine the recreation area is drying father leaves thicken to a ball inside the

bowl of a wellspring where are the heads of four stone lions gaze and suck on

void fixtures night extends from the angled scaffold we see the shedding park

bond mallards how they continue revolving around and making a plunge the lamp light looking

for something concealed in the filth and presently the moon Earth’s companion that minded so

much for ourselves and minded so little comes back again completely was a more unusual as we walk it

lies like chalk over the waters all that’s a ground recall summer

bubbles filled the wellspring and we sprinkled we suffocated in Eden while

Jehovah’s grass green lyre was stirring about us in the leaves that sputtered

purchasers flipping around the wellsprings feeling waters streak around the nursery

nothing bursts into flames to his hesitant paramour

by Andrew Marvell to his hesitant paramour had we however world

enough and time this demureness woman were no wrongdoing we would plunk down and think

what direction to walk and pass our long loves day now by the Indian Ganges side

ought to fling honey bees fine I yet the tide of Humber would whine I would cherish you

a decade prior to the flood and you ought to if it’s all the same to you reject till the transformation of the Jews my vegetable love

ought to become vaster than domains and all the more sluggish a hundred years ought to go to

acclaim the Hine eyes and on my temple look 200 to revere each bosom

be that as it may, 30,000 to the rest an age basically to each part and the last age

ought to show your heart for woman you merit this state nor would I love at a

lower rate however at my back I generally hear times winged chariot hustling close and

there all before us my deserts of immense endlessness thy excellence will no more be

found nor in thy marble vault will sound my repeating melody then, at that point, worms will

attempt that long safeguarded virginity and your interesting honor went to clean and

into remains all my desire the graves a fine and confidential spot yet none I think do

there embrace now subsequently while the energetic tint sits on my skin like

morning dew and keeping in mind that thy willing soul comes to pass at each pore with moment fires presently let us sport us while we may

furthermore, presently like desirous flying predators preferably on the double our time eat up over

mull in his sluggish dried power let us roll everything that is in us and all our

pleasantness up into one ball and tear our joys with unpleasant hardship intensive the

iron doors of life hence however we can’t make our Sun stop yet we will

make him

love isn’t all my Edna st. Vincent Millay

love isn’t all affection isn’t all it is

not meat nor drink nor sleep nor a rooftop against the downpour nor yet a drifting

fight two men that sink and rise and sink and rise and sink again love can’t fill

the thickened lung with breath nor clean the blood nor set the broke bone yet

numerous a man is warming up to death even as I represent absence of adoration alone

it well might be that in a troublesome hour nailed somewhere near torment and groaning for

discharge or annoyed by need past goals power I may be headed to

sell your adoration for harmony or exchange the memory of this night for food it will

might be I don’t figure I would verse by

Marianne Moore verse I also disdain it there are things

that are significant past this fiddle understanding it anyway with an ideal hatred for it one finds in it

after each of the a spot for the certified hands that can get a handle on eyes that can widen hair

that can rise on the off chance that it should these things are significant not on the grounds that a high sounding understanding can be put upon

them but since they are helpful when they become so subsidiary is to become indiscernible exactly the same thing might be

said for us all that we don’t appreciate what we can’t grasp the bat

hanging on topsy turvy or in mission of something to eat elephants pushing

wild pony taking a roll an energetic wolf under a tree the undaunted pundit

jerking his skin like a pony that feels an escape the baseball fan the

analyst nor is it legitimate to oppress business archives and textbooks this large number of peculiarities are

significant one should make a differentiation anyway when hauled into unmistakable quality by

half artists the outcome isn’t verse nor till the writers among us can be

simpletons of the creative mind above discourteousness and technicality and can introduce

for examination nonexistent nurseries with a genuine frogs in them will we have it in

the interim in the event that you request from one viewpoint the natural substance of verse altogether

its crudeness and that which is then again authentic you are keen on

verse no specialists today much obliged

by Ogden Nash no specialists today thank you they tell me

that you forea is the sensation of feeling brilliant well today I feel happiness

today I have the nimbleness of a Greek god and the craving of a Victorian

recently I might try and go forward without my boots today I’m a swashbuckler would anyone

like me to clasp any swashes this is my you for e’en day I will ring welkins and

before anyone answers I will take off I will tame me a caribou and Baddeck it

with marabou I will pen me my journals our childhood youth what you for in days

then was I was a sad hand for the boudoirs I was by and large to be found

where the food was does anyone need a flossin I have some does anyone need

any jetsam I can get some I can play chopsticks on the Wurlitzer I can talk

Portuguese like a Berlitz er I can day break or doff my shoes without tying or unfastening the bands since I’m wearing

slippers and I basically know the distinction among serums and neutralizing agents

kind individuals don’t think me handbag pleased don’t put me down as vainglorious I’m

only a bit of rapture s’ evening by

Dorothy Parker evening [Music]

at the point when I’m old and console and finished with this craving with memory to share my bed

what’s more, harmony to share my fire I’ll brush my hair in scalloped groups underneath my

washed cap and watch my cool and delicate hands lie light upon my lap and

I will have a spring suffocate with trim to kiss my throat I’ll attract my drapery to

the town and murmur a murmuring note and I’ll fail to remember the method of Tears and rock and

mix my tea yet gracious I wish those favored

years were farther than they be Annabel

Lee by Edgar Allan Poe Annabel Lee

it was numerous in numerous a year prior in a realm by the ocean that a lady there

lived whom you might be aware by the name of Annabel Lee and this lady she lived with no other idea than to cherish and

be cherished by me I was a youngster and she was a kid in this realm by the ocean however

we cherished with an adoration that was more than adoration I and my Annabel Lee with an affection

that the winged seraphs of paradise desired her and me and this was the

reason that quite a while in the past in this realm by the ocean a breeze extinguished of a cloud

cooling my lovely Annabel Lee so

that her aristocratic family came and bore her away from me to quiet her down in a

Catacomb in this realm by the ocean the Holy messengers not half so cheerful in paradise went

begrudging her and me yes that was the explanation as all men know in this realm

by the ocean that the breeze emerged from the cloud around evening time chilling and killing my

Annabel Lee yet our affection it was more grounded

by a long shot than the adoration for the individuals who were more seasoned than we of numerous far savvier than we

what’s more, neither the holy messengers in paradise above nor the evil presences down under the ocean can

at any point dissever my spirit from the spirit of the delightful Annabel Lee for the moon

never radiates without bringing me longs for the lovely Annabel Lee and the

stars never rise yet I feel according to the lovely Annabel Lee thus

all the night-tide I rests by the side of my dear my sweetheart my life

furthermore, my lady of the hour in her mausoleum there by the ocean in her burial place by the sounding ocean


the waterway vendors spouse a letter by Ezra Pound the stream dealers wife a

letter while my hair was as yet trimmed straight across my temple I played

about the front entryways pulling blossoms you stopped by on bamboo braces playing horse you strolled about my seat playing

with blue plums and we continued living in the town of stifled on two little

individuals without aversion or doubt at 14

I wedded my master you I never snickered being reserved bringing down my head I looked

at the wall called – multiple times I never glanced back at fifteen I halted

frowning I wanted my residue to be blended with yours eternity and everlastingly and

everlastingly for what reason would it be advisable for me I climb the post at sixteen you left you went in excessively far

Kuto yen by the waterway of twirling Eddie’s and you have been gone five

months the monkeys make dismal commotion above you dawdled when you

went out by the door now the greenery is developed the different greenery is excessively profound to

gather them up the leaves fell early this harvest time in wind the matched

butterflies are as of now yellow with August over the grass and the West nursery they hurt me I become older if you

are descending through the Strait of the waterway kyung if it’s not too much trouble, let me know ahead of time and I will emerge to meet

you to the extent that jo fusa

uphill by Christina Rossetti uphill does

the street twist uphill as far as possible yes to the end will the day’s process take

the entire drawn out day from morn this evening my companion yet is there for the night a

resting place a rooftop for when the sluggish dim hours start may not the murkiness

conceal it from my face you can’t miss that in will I meet alternate way Faris at

night the people who have gone before then should I thump or call when simply in sight

they won’t keep you remaining at that entryway will I find solace travel sore

furthermore, powerless of work you will find the Sun will there be beds for myself what not

who look for yeh beds for all who come

Chicago via Carl Sandburg Chicago hoard

butcher for the world toolmaker stacker of wheat player with railways in the

countries cargo overseer blustery imposing fighting city of the large shoulders they

let me know you are fiendish and I accept them for I have seen your painted ladies under the gas lights baiting the homestead young men

what’s more, they let me know you’re screwy and I answer yes it is valid I have seen a

shooter kill and go allowed to kill once more and they let me know you are fierce and my answer is on the essences of ladies and

kids I have seen the characteristics of need and craving and having replied so I

Yet again went to the people who scoff at this my city and I give them back the jeer and share with them come and show me

one more city with lifted head singing so pleased to be alive and course major areas of strength for and

furthermore, sly tossing attractive condemnations in the midst of the work of heaping position on work here

is a tall striking Slugger set clear against the little delicate city’s savage is a canine

with tongue lapping for activity tricky as a savage set in opposition to the wild bareheaded scooping destroying

arranging building breaking reconstructing under the smoke dust all around his mouth

chuckling with white teeth under the horrible weight of fate giggling as a

young fellow chuckles giggling even as a uninformed contender snickers who has never

lost a fight gloating and snickering that under his wrist is the beat and under

his ribs the core of individuals snickering chuckling the turbulent imposing

fighting chuckling of youth half-bare perspiring pleased to be hoard butcher device

producer stacker of wheat player with rail lines and cargo overseer to the


dread nothing else of the intensity of the Sun by William Shakespeare dread not any more the

intensity of the Sun dread not any more the intensity of the Sun nor the Incensed winters seethes

thou thy common undertaking as done home workmanship gone a chime thy compensation brilliant chaps and

young ladies generally should as chimney stack sweepers come to tidy trepidation not any more the grimace of the

Extraordinary Thou workmanship past the dictators stroke care no more to dress and eat to you

the reed is as the oak the staff learning physic should all follow this and

come to clean apprehension not any more the lightning streak nor the all feared Thunderstone

dread not defame blame rash thou hast completed happiness and groan all sweethearts youthful

all sweethearts should transfer to you and come to clean no activity are hurt you nor no

black magic appeal you apparitions unlaid shun you nothing will approach the

calm culmination have and prestige dead be thy grave

– a Skylark by Percy Bysshe Shelley – a

Skylark hail to you Merry Soul bird

thou never Wert that from paradise or close to it permeable thy full heart and plentiful

types of unpremeditated craftsmanship higher still and higher from the earth thou

bringest like a haze of fire the blue profound thou willest singing actually dust

take off and taking off truly sing east in the brilliant lightning of the depressed Sun or

which mists are lighting up thou dust float and run like a sister body happiness whose

race is simply started the pale purple even melts around thy flight like a star of

paradise in the open air thou craftsmanship concealed however yet I hear thy sharp enjoyment

sharp just like the bolts of that silver circle whose extreme light limits and

the white first light clear until we barely see we feel that it is there all the earth

furthermore, air with thy voice is clearly as when night is exposed from one desolate cloud the

moon downpours out her bars and paradise is spilled over what thou craftsmanship we know not

what is most similar to you from rainbow mists there stream not drops so splendid to

see us from thy presence showers of downpour of song like a writer concealed in the

light of thought singing songs unbidden till the world is created to compassion for expectations and fears that he didn’t

like an aristocratic lady in a castle tower calming her adoration Loaded soul stealthily

hour with music best love which spills over her Grove like a glowworm

brilliant in a Dell of do dissipating unbold in its Ariel tone among the blossoms and

grass which screen it from the view like a Rose embowered in its own green leaves

by warm breezes despoiled till the sent it gives makes fete with an excess of sweet these weighty winged hoodlums sound

of vernal showers on the gleaming grass downpour stirred blossoms generally that at any point was

upbeat and clear and new thy music doth outperform show us sprite or bird

what sweet contemplations are thine I’ve never heard commendation of affection or wine that gasped

forward a surge of bliss so heavenly tune hymeneal or victorious serenade coordinated with thine

would be everything except an unfilled vaunt a thing where and we feel there is some covered up

need what articles are The Wellsprings of thy blissful strain what feels or waves or

mountains what states of sky or plain what love of thine own sort what oblivious to torment

with I clear sharp joins langa can’t be shadow of a commotion never approached you

thou lovest however close to new cherish miserable satisfy a waking or sleeping however of

passing should consider things more evident in profound than we humans dream or how should they

notes stream in such a gem stream we look before many and pine for what

isn’t our sincerest chuckling with some aggravation is laden our best tunes are

those that recount saddest idea yet in the event that we could despise disdain and pride and

dread in the event that we were things conceived not to close it here I know not how thy bliss we of all time

ought to approach better compared to all proportions of awesome sound better compared to

all fortunes that in books are found thy expertise to writer were thou scorner of

the ground show me a portion of the happiness that thy cerebrum should know such agreeable

frenzy from my lips would stream the world ought to listen then as I’m

listening now

piece 75 by edmund spenser

child at 75 one day I thought of her name upon

the strand turned into the waves and washes it away again I composed it with a second

hand however came the tide and made my torments his prey Feynman said she that residue and

vain-ass something undying so to deify for I personally will get a kick out of the chance to

this rot and eat my name be clear it out moreover not so quoth I let base are

things formulated to pass on and dust yet you will live by Notoriety my refrain your ideals

uncommon will timeless and in the sky compose your superb name where when as

passing will all the world repress our affection will live and later life restore if

I let him know a finished representation of Picasso by Gertrude Stein

in the event that I let him know a finished representation of Picasso on the off chance that I told him would he like it

would he like it assuming I let him know what do you like it with Napoleon when Napoleon would he like it if Napoleon if I

told him on the off chance that I told him assuming Napoleon would he like it in the event that I told him assuming that I told him

in the event that Napoleon would he like it if Napoleon assuming I told him assuming that I told him

in the event that Napoleon if Napoleon assuming I told him would he like it would he

like it in the event that I let him know now not presently and presently now precisely as Lords

feeling full for it exactitude as Lords so to entreat you as full concerning it

precisely or his Rulers shiver shut and open so do Sovereigns shiver shut and

shivers thus shiver shut and shivers thus shivers thus love Poems

shivers shut thus shivers shut and shivers thus shivers shut thus and furthermore and furthermore thus and

additionally precise similarity to correct likeness the specific likeness as

precise as a likeness precisely as looking like precisely in

similarity precisely a likeness precisely and similarity for this is so in light of the fact that currently effectively rehash by any stretch of the imagination now

effectively rehash everything presently effectively rehash at all have hold and here

effectively rehash at all I judge as a similarity to him who starts things out

Napoleon the principal who comes to coming to who goes there as they go they

share who shares generally everything is pretty much as all as at this point or at this point now to date now to date

presently and presently and date and the date who started things out Napoleon at first who came

first Napoleon the main who started things out Napoleon first by and by precisely do they

do first precisely do they do too first precisely and first precisely

do they do and first precisely and precisely and do they do at first precisely and

first precisely and do they do the first precisely and do they do

the first precisely at first precisely first is precisely just about as first as precisely as of now

as by and by as as of now he he

what’s more, he and he and he and he and he

what’s more, and as an as he and as he and he

is and as he is and as he is and he will be he is and as he and he and as he is and

he and he and he and he can twists Ransack can twists statement quotable as

as of now as exactitude as trains has trains has trains as trains

as of now extents by and by as extents as by and by Father and

farther was the lord or room farther and weather conditions was there was there

what was there was there was there whether and in

there as even say so one island to island 3 the land 3 the land

to island one island to island as a so they can’t a note they can’t a

float they mightn’t they at any point hover they might they at any point as signify supernatural occurrences play reasonably

play genuinely well a well as well as or as of now allowed me to present what history

shows history educates

the Sovereign of frozen yogurt by Wallace Stevens

the Sovereign of frozen yogurt calls the roller of enormous stogies

the strong one and bid him whip in kitchen cups desirous curds let the

vixens dally in such dress as they are utilized to wear and give the young men Bring blossoms access last month’s papers let B

be the finale of appeared to be the main Sovereign is the Head of frozen yogurt take from the

dresser of arrangement without the three glass handles that sheet on which she weaved fan stories once and spread it

in order to cover her face in the event that her horny feet distend they come to show how cold

she is and stupid let the light append its bar the main Sovereign is the Head of

frozen yogurt doesn’t go delicate into that

great night by Dylan Thomas don’t go delicate into that great night do

not go delicate into that great night advanced age ought to consume and rave at close of day rage against the perishing of the light

however astute men at their end realize dull is correct in light of the fact that their words had forked

no lightning they don’t go delicate into that great night great men the last wave love Poems

by crying how splendid Their fragile deeds could have moved in a Green Straight fury against the withering of the light

crazy men who got and sang the Sun in flight and advance past the point of no return they lamented it on its way don’t go delicate into that

great night grave men close to death who see with blinding sight Blind eyes could

blast like meteors and be gay fury against the withering of the light and you

my dad there on the miserable level revile favor me now with your wild tears I

implore don’t go delicate into that great night rage against the perishing of the


there was a kid went forward by Walt Whitman there was a youngster went forward

there was a kid who went forward each day and the main item he viewed that

object he became and that item turned out to be important for him for the afternoon or a certain

part of the day or for a long time or extending patterns of years the early

lilacs turned out to be essential for this kid and grass and white and red morning wonders

what’s more, white and red clover and the tune of the Phoebe bird and the third month

sheep and the Sowers pink weak litter and the city hall leader’s foal and the cow’s calf

what’s more, the uproarious brood of the farm or by the soil of the lake side and the

fish suspending themselves so inquisitively underneath there and the delightful inquisitive

fluid and the water plants with their agile level heads all turned out to be essential for

him the field fledglings of the fourth month and fifth month turned out to be essential for him

winter grain fledglings and those of the light yellow coin and the esculent roots

of the nursery and the apple trees covered with blooms and the natural product

a short time later and wood berries and the commonest weeds by the street and the old

boozer stunning home from the toilet of the bar whence he had recently risen and the schoolmistress

that gave her direction to the school and the amicable young men that passed and the

unruly young men and the clean and new cheek to young ladies and the shoeless Negro

kid and young lady and every one of the progressions of city and country any place he went his own

guardians he that had fathered him and her that had imagined him in her belly and

birthed him they gave this kid a greater amount of themselves than that they gave him thereafter every

day they turned out to be important for him the mother at home unobtrusively putting the dishes on

the dinner table the mother with gentle words clean her graduation outfit a healthy

scent tumbling off her individual and garments as she strolls by the dad’s solid

independent masculine mean irritated low the blow the fast clearly

Sade the feeling of what is truly the idea if after all it ought to demonstrate

stunning the questions of daytime and the questions of evening time the inquisitive whether

furthermore, how whether that which shows up so will be so or is everything glimmers and bits men

also, ladies jamming quick in the roads in the event that they are not glimmers and spots what are they the actual roads and

the veneers of houses and products in the windows vehicles groups the weighty planked

wharves the immense intersection at the ships the town on the High country seen from

a far distance at nightfall the waterway between shadows or Eola and fog the light falling on

rooftops and Peaks of white or earthy colored three miles off the yacht close by drowsily

dropping down the tide the little boat slack towed toward the back the

hustling tumbling waves fast broken peaks slapping the layers of shaded

mists the long bar of maroon color away singular without help from anyone else

the spread of virtue it lies still in the skylines edge the flying Sikh love Poems

roll the aroma of saltmarsh and Shore mud these turned out to be important for that

youngster who went forward each day and who currently proceeds to will constantly go forward each


the red handcart by William Carlos Williams the red work cart to such an extent

relies on a red handcart coated with downpour water close to the white

chickens I meandered desolate as a cloud by

William Wordsworth I pondered forlorn as a cloud I meandered

forlorn as a cloud that floats on high or vales and Slopes when at the same time I saw a

swarm a large group of brilliant daffodils close to the lake underneath the trees rippling

what’s more, moving in the breeze nonstop as the stars that sparkle and sparkle on the

Smooth Way they extended in endless line along the edge of a straight 10,000

sorai initially throwing their heads in chipper dance the waves adjacent to them

moved however they outshone the shining waves in merriment the writer couldn’t yet be

gay in such a joke and company I endlessly looked yet it’ll thought what riches

for displayed to me had brought for oft when on my lounge chair I lie in empty or in

meditative mind-set a glimmer upon that internal eye which is the Joy of Isolation and

then, at that point, my heart with delight fills and hits the dance floor with the daffodils

a lake Isle of Innisfree by William

Steward Yeats the lake Isle of Innisfree

I will emerge and go now and go to Innisfree and a little lodge worked there

of dirt and wattles made nine bean lines will I have there a hive for the

bumble bee and live alone in the be clearly Meadow and I will experience some harmony there

for harmony comes dropping sluggish drop him from the vales of the mornin to where

the cricket sings their 12 PM Sarla flicker obscure a purple shine and

evening brimming with the Linnet swings I will emerge and go now for a consistently night and

day I hear the water lapping with low sounds by the shore while I stand on the

street or on the asphalts dark I hear it in the profound heart score

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