kangal dog

Kangal canines are the public worth of the Turkish country, not face to face.

The canine doesn’t claim, O the canine doesn’t possess. know that.

Harmony, how about we eat, alright granddad?

Enough shaking, honey, come on.

I was brought into the world in 1933, Bahri Çiçek, from the town of Kangal’s solid construction.

I’m the child of the legend agha

Our granddads didn’t come from the Caucasus, that is to say, from Azerbaijan.

We are Azerbaijani Turks. 1891 foreigners came in 1891.

Sir, obviously, what we heard from our older folks.

The principal pioneer behind Kuşkayası town

Our distant grandparents came in 1947. kangal dog

My dad’s uncle’s child claimed land. So they were normal

We withdrew here from the town around then.

One side of us remained there, one side of us was remaining in a villa.

My advantage in creatures initially began with the bird, it began with the pigeon.

my sibling had birds

I used to pursue them until the night, it began with the primary bird.

My advantage in creatures is still here after that.

Hamid was an outsider kangal dog

He had a canine that emerged as a wolf

I adored that canine to such an extent

Along with Hamit Göç, I began ridiculing when I was 15-16 years of age.

I gained hunting from him.

I was attempting to recruit the best canine for him.

Obviously, I was unable to keep a canine all alone since I was a youngster then. afterward.

Did I raise my own canines since I was that affinity for canines?

furthermore, to keep the upside

I had an explanation and it occurred simultaneously.

So my canines were popular in this lengthy level locale.

So they were well known kangal dog

Lion Sergeant that canine called Pala

He choked the wolf, that wolf’s wrestling, my interest began from that point

Only one out of every odd canine enters Kur, there were others. there were a ton of canines, not a solitary one of them

didn’t enter

He suffocated the wolf, I was distant from everyone else with my dad.

Obviously, I didn’t have a say then. kangal dog

So I was unable to keep a canine without help from anyone else. In any case.

From that point forward, this Hamit migrant’s canine is here. Mezrada.

He obliterated the Wolf two times, and from that point forward, I went the whole way to fulfill my canine interest.

I was 20 years of age from the large quarters then I brought a bitch canine, it was a little guy.

One of the canines of the water stone, Wormwood was popular, so I tasted it and got it from that point.

Those canines are likewise here, after I joined up with the military, the canines got rabies, they as well

dead. I got hitched after I escaped the military.

Furthermore, I parted ways with my dad a year after the fact

Just to keep the canine, it was somewhat of a block.

So I left for him

Sir, here in canines, this Ali Yarar had a couple of wonderful canines.

Unfortunate canine. kangal dog

I took his female canine and sent it to the water stone.

I coordinated it with the canine called navel on the water stone, which I shipped off the navel.

The canine is an exceptionally popular canine, they as of now have Kurt obliterated here

What’s more, Kurt ripped his mouth off as well, so

creature teeth apparent sir I sent it

I matched it with the canine in Sutaş, it’s considerably more marvelous. Canine

I picked it in the wake of rearing. I employed two young men uh one 2 bitch canines

It all made sense to me. I kept

I named him my own canine Kaytar, which I call Kaytar, got from that bitch canine, and somebody

He likewise had rabies, so he passed on, so there were two.

I recruited them the two bitches for him

Sir, somebody was in rabies, he was in torment once more, he passed on.

I have the canine that I called Ok Kaytar.

Furthermore, once more, they gave similar frightful pups here in the loops.

I took that canine the equivalent, matched it from that point, back to the rest

I matched a similar race there

Those popular canines of mine were in this Avşeren town.

That canine’s little dog was matched with them

I kept those popular canines on a similar bitch

One of the bitches I call Kayter is named Willis, somebody’s name is something to that effect

With their mom, however, the canine I call Kayter killed the Wolf two times first

He realizes that he obliterated a similar wolf with his whelps once more

After that obviously

They were likewise going Hunt a ton.

My interest recently expanded, so from that point forward, all over

They meander around in the towns, at any rate, everybody is there for him.

So they effectively kept canines from these creatures.

However, they shot one of my canines

They shot the wolf-annihilating canine, sir, the other one remained.

So I replicated it again from similar creatures, back to similar creatures.

Jaguars, I gave the leftover canine to Ankara subsequently.

look somebody was an extremely discourteous canine I called Palak

in any case, Willis wasn’t excessively discourteous however he was an extremely valiant canine

furthermore, it was a canine that ran a lot quicker

Wouldn’t save anything before him for her

dread can’t actually exist

All in all, assuming you pass on it to the lion, they would implode even to the lion, the well-known canine.

There was likewise Lütfi in Çayırova, sir.

our uncle child was in this shanty gil.

there were great canines around, so there were great canines in the curls

Çetin Türkdoğan canines were very much like mine.

so they were extremely well-known canines

he was additionally inquisitive like me, we didn’t say Kangal

We were going to pot. kangal dog

You know, it became Kangal on the grounds that it produced in Kangal.

A man came to us with that American designation.

Sir he concentrated on my canines

and afterward he told me

He said he went around Sivas totally.

Has Kangal said he tracked down them.

these said

Is it Kangal, the Kangal canine that varieties in Kangal, and an individual named David came there?

that David and mine came here as well, so he came as well

From that point forward, the Kangal canine started to become popular.

or on the other hand who knew the Kangal canine

Nobody realized much aside from me.

He planned to sue kangal dog

Sir, there was nobody who minded to such an extent.

The man I call David is a specialist, and he is a lady named Suzi, who functioned as a specialist in Hacettepe in Ankara.

That lady was somebody who knew Turkish well overall, she carried ladies and carried the designation to all of Sivas

They visited their mishap or something, they came to our Kaza, then I needed to go.

They said in the mishap that there was a particularly popular canine.

I went there they took me from that point

Once more, they are here.

My canines looked measure.

He opened his mouth like this, felt all over him, and returned. Suzi told Ms.

Obviously he knew Turkish.

he told me

As a genuine Kangal in the dirt of Sivas, these are more better than me. said. on it

That man, that individual took pups from me, so he just took doggies and proceeded to have pups.

He thought of me a letter. Grays are more brilliant, more awful, that is to say, bolder. 25 words

he said in the letter

He gained 25 unique words from the canine with the other tightened mouth, and he actually thought about saying.

That is the reason I was pondering Panthers.

So I’m beginning to like individuals of color more

he expressed more than kangal dog

Kangal was named after that designation came, sir.

Kangal got its name after him, so that man said that these canines had a place with another Kangal. he said no

his name remained Kangal before him, we didn’t call him Kangal, we used to call him steers canine.

Canines that wash wolves are generally canines with character and are savvy.

It is both valiant and characterful canine.

A canine that doesn’t kill a wolf is ungainly.

Well, it isn’t so enormous of an arrangement, it’s not running, it’s not savvy all things considered.

Assuming there are wolf-slamming canines in their age, they are generally savvy canines.


He leads.

So the courageous canine among those young doggies others can’t move toward him and when he snarls all pulls out

It can occur in females or guys, just 8-10 young doggies, it very well may be either 2 or one.

it is basically impossible that they will be in every way the equivalent, there is just the principal administration in the blood

we’ll do it, we’ll keep it

My canines wash alone and wash two by two.

Only one out of every odd canine can wash alone

I count the main canine that washes the lion

My canines obliterated only one, so the disagreeable canine additionally annihilated it, the man likewise annihilated it.

Worm canine battle knows it’s washing for him as of now

So he knows how to battle kangal dog

On the off chance that he didn’t have the foggiest idea how to battle, he wouldn’t have the option to wash the wolf, in any case, I ordinarily put one of them as the last little guy.

I put one of the principal posterity

That is the means by which the primary child will have areas of strength for be, the last child will be exceptionally dissimilar.

It would pull a little from it however it would be excessively hard

So this is my experience

both are male.

I would pick the two men.

I was picking the female independently.

The female is equivalent to the female is the female spring

Because all things do

Such a striving jumper turns into the others

How could he go and there is a Wormpy canine some place, in the event that that man claims a dairy cattle, he will disappear.

The mentor gives the sheep, he gives what he gives, he takes the canine, or at least, to deal with his cows.

o The wolf takes the rear end of the canine that emerges.

No distinction now

Wormwood it is Wormwood, or at least, it is Wormworm of that day, it is the present Wormworm

Assuming that he annihilates the wolf, it is a similar canine.

At any rate, that canine might be a curl, yet not a canine

In my eyes, there were enormous canines previously, and today there are likewise little canines, albeit the iris is little.

Killing a wolf can’t possibly exist. Worm canine.

Don’t bother being excessively inconsiderate.

My number one canine. kangal dog

It will be inconsiderate probably.

The canine is my Panther, it ought to be pretty much as large as a jaguar.

For instance, Yavuz is exceptionally extreme, a canine

little in size

there used to be

Canines washing bear and wolf

For instance, in places I know, there were canines the size of Yavuz, he had dreams,

they can’t reach

The huge canine can’t get the Wolf in the run, my child, another will make up for lost time.

Assuming that he got it, assuming that it’s a Worm, that large canine will kill the Wolf shortly.

So that is the room.

your #1 canine

The tail shape will thusly be bended.

Its shape is wonderful when it is lifted

So our own would be of that old Achilles type.

That is the state of my #1 canine

For instance, I like the state of the Panther.

Extremely lovely face looks forcing when he lifts it up

So it looks somewhat changed, for instance, the canines I love are Hamid’s jackal canine.

From that point, Aslan Sergeant Palu two

Mustafa Bey.

Bald canine 3.

Among my own canines those well known canines were both lovely

one was here and there.

So the other dark canine is more attractive

Dark was attractive, and the dead canine’s tail was straight.

It was level, yet the front was wonderful, not excessively harsh.

The canine isn’t strength, it isn’t expertise, and the littleness of a canine isn’t finesse.

It won’t be excessively little

So it ought to be no less than 80 82 cm.

Clearly not a little one.

Did you get it?

It’s 80, 82 inches. kangal dog

At the point when we say little when we say enormous, 85 by the way isn’t excessively impolite.

The satisfactory is the valiant one.

Canine that isn’t daring if you have any desire to be impolite assuming you need

regardless of how little it is worth

The canine that will be bold is likewise a race, so they will be generally something very similar, not an age, so it will endure. going to become not all are courageous

All in all, the canine that annihilates the Wolf, which we call the Wolfhound, is both bold, astute and extremely unruly.

that is, they bark constantly, and the Wormwood canine is exceptionally partial to its proprietor.

He knows even one’s foe, I’m an observer to this

I saw with my eyes

Indeed, even your enemy knows him in the event that that man’s heart isn’t appropriate for you.

She goes after him right away.

I was left outside when I came I was out.

Only one out of every odd canine does this.

The separation from here to where I stay is 5 km.

I was forgotten about, I was limited, I said while I was thinking, I expressed out loud whatever assuming I called.

my canines come

I yelled there, I fired with 1-2 shotguns 5 minutes after the fact, every one of the three endlessly emerged.

Few out of every odd canine does this.

try not to yell, anything that you do, they emerged

furthermore, it fell before me that canine that I called Kaytar

He is both taking a gander at me and strolling, so don’t request a second that you can’t neglect.

I was in the mountain

I’m around midnight sir

I came in that tempest, I went out to the town

How might I fail to remember that creature?

So he came from the mountain, he saved me that is the manner by which savvy this canine is

That is the canine I call a worm, I was going on a chase.

I leave the canines here so they don’t come

The mountain is there in the firearm.

When my firearm went off, they would go back and forth

They don’t go to another person’s firearm

what did he know

Well that creature my weapon.

also, when I pointed my weapon some place, they would remain on their feet.

How long will this go

Presently Worm Dog

They safeguard their crowd so that each animal acknowledges nothing, that is right there, outsiders.

excuse me, regardless of whether the jackass comes, he won’t put it.

He doesn’t put another shepherd, he doesn’t put someone else there

they all assault, yet they just safeguard their crowd.

it doesn’t acknowledge any other person, that is to say, it doesn’t acknowledge anybody yet the shepherd.

Nobody could come to my shepherds around evening time, I think the canine that got into the group

not satisfactory.

Presently look, the canine doesn’t stand by in the group.

Mountain, spring, slope, dubious spots go around, returns

Goes to a mountain until they stick around 10-15 meters of the straight.

When it’s all said and done, he doesn’t simply stay there, he goes around, he returns, he holds up something very similar.

He doesn’t rest until the morning, so assuming the Wolf has come, he can smell it from 2-3 km.

they assault him kangal dog

Any place they find it, they go with the smell.

So in the corner of the evening, he goes to his aroma.

At any rate, so in the event that it’s near Kurt’s aroma, it goes with his path.

same isn’t is really to be expected, so the Wolfhound canine doesn’t bark at the wolf.

Doesn’t bark at anything

He really tries to kill him, he goes to the furthest extent that he would be able.

The yapping canine is yelping out of dread he will not go to the Wolf

Do they bark?

Worm Dog

It’s impractical, he needs to go somewhere around 5 kilometers after him.

So the worm canine goes.

Such going and not return from the top is absurd.

That returning canine isn’t wanted.

Suppose the moon is in the air.

He goes there, the bark returns. terrified canine.

Did he track down his follow?

It goes for a significant distance

Are there 50 wolves will return

On the off chance that the Wolf of the Environment has proactively come, the Wolf of the Environment is before the Wolf of the Wolf

Added Wolf can’t return

It adds residue to the smoke, where does it return, who says, the shepherd who tells it is likewise completely false

Assuming anybody says that the room is lying, the shepherd has dozed, or the canine has gone, the wolf has come and plunged back.

No he lying return you gave him before the canine pursued him canine

took him he is lying

Then, at that point, look what Kurt does when he takes off.

One escapes aside, one merges to the next, that Wolf comes to a similar spot.

Well, he goes to a similar spouse, so in the event that he doesn’t return, he will choke his significant other.

I realize he’ll go to save her

So it’s enough for him.

How frequently have I seen him, quit worrying about that bitch I call Kaytar, yet I left it with 2 wolves. a solitary bitch He took it before him.

One of the Wolf split to one side since it stalled out.

separated and fell before it

I went up the slope, checked out that the isolated Kurt was close to a similar spouse.

however, the distance kangal dog

at the point when I previously left. There was 200 meters when I previously left

I watched from the top, the focal point of the optics stayed 50 meters, and the substance of the guest’s dad they will surpass.

I watched it from Grand efe, alright?

For what reason didn’t the wolf return, those 2 wolves. a bitch canine.

See, I don’t have the foggiest idea where he went past that.

Akpınar, 6 km from here, that father is something like 5 km from where I am.

So past there, I don’t have the foggiest idea where he went

I just saw it up there, it was no place to be seen.

He returned the entire evening however I saw him transform into another awkward canine I.

So he’s strolling the slope from outrageous ground?

He returns, forfeiting the feline a needless excess.

I saw that the Wolves are coming after you

For what reason is your canine coming to him?

Coming to her I pursued the canine back

The cunning creature Worm Dog knows he will harm himself, and them three take off before him.

I didn’t see it when he returned.

See, I was unable to see the last ride you could get, that is to say, after 5 km, however that creature as well.

He knows he will hurt himself.

He takes off for it, assuming each of them three breakdown, the canine will fall to pieces and 8 Wolf’s

8 Wolves entered a similar canine.

They broke it on a colder time of year day The worm canine pursued 8 Wolves across the town.

There they unexpectedly transformed into canines.

They destroyed the canine, they ate it, so I saw him there as well. so canine wolf

Will he leave the Wolf he was pursuing and come to the cows?

For what reason are these people returning, I presume?

He returned without driving the wolf out of dread of the hemi to return and safeguard him came.

This is on the grounds that he annihilated the Kangal who made the Kangal, the Wolf who made the canine,

There are numerous Kangal canines that I know in Kangal.

The worm canine jumps out one percent

Dislike they’re all Kurt.

His race is additionally unique.

The Wolf is the canine that makes Kangal the Kangal The Wolf is the canine that washes.

We are Azerbaijani Turks.

Similarly, as the Turkish country is fearless, the Kangal canine of the Turkish country is comparably courageous.

The most valiant creature Wolf doesn’t wash, the bolder the proprietor, the more fearless his canine will be.

So I’ll say it as well

Kangal confides in his proprietor without question, presently look something like this, the canine disappeared all alone, Wolf

On the off chance that he obliterated it, it is a wolf worm, on the off chance that not, the proprietor kept it and fired it with his rifle.

Assuming he had his canine stifled

I don’t call him Wormser

Try not to misrepresent now.

presently I listen to some of the time

so we didn’t kill the wolf, you consider the canine a wolf worm for cash.

You say something very similar to the canine that doesn’t kill the wolf, you say something very similar to the one that does the wolf.

The canine disappeared all alone, assuming the Wolf obliterated it, I call it the Wormser.

generally, it’s not worms to gag

Each canine can choke the dead Wolf, whose canine annihilated it?

He had 3 wolves in a single evening, that is clearly false to you, God.

I had 3 wolves obliterated in 15 years, for what reason did he have 3 wolves in a single evening?

Where could the wolf have been?

Then, at that point, here’s the lie to you

talk reality folks

Try not to allow this Kangal to canine waste it

Let them not overstate and squander that way.

On the off chance that it’s a triplet, he’ll kill it solid.

look three canines

twofold canine, somewhat harmed, single wash, liberated creature

The Wolf chokes until he passes on, and he gets however many injuries as the Wolf himself.

Bitch 2 young men in a solid monster

To choke Kurt just need him to choke

basic estimated triple curl canine, on the off chance that there are 3 in a group, assuming they work in three, nothing

doesn’t avoid anything

So he doesn’t stay away from Kurt all things considered.

In the event that one of them is a Wormster, the others will likewise help them on the off chance that a Wormster has imploded.

Indeed it does kangal dog

so let the wolf alone, perhaps he will not choke yet on the off chance that he has an accomplice, even he

aiding and killing his significant other

At last, let me let you know this, I additionally share with my dear sibling and canine proprietors.

Presently this is our own, these kangal canines are the public worth of the Turkish country, not in its individual.

The canine doesn’t possess, the great canine doesn’t claim.

so that’s what everyone know

Since a decent canine safeguards different crowds similarly as it safeguards its group.

These are our public qualities. Kangal dog

Raise great Kangal until you battle one another.

so don’t take care of the awful ones, find them and raise delightful Kangals to your crowd.

own it, own it yourself.

the American of hand came here in 1970

Kangal canine knows its worth

Didn’t you realize this as a Turkish country?

In the event that you actually haven’t learned, I tell you, disgrace on you.

realize its worth, regardless of who has a decent canine, whoever has it, deal with that creature


I don’t meet my own canine, I don’t meet in that frame of mind, there is everybody.

Everybody has a canine. Wormwood canine.

That is the reason I caution you, to deal with the Kangal canine.

Produce help one another

I recently said that a canine can’t possess a proprietor.

For instance, when I say that the canine can’t be possessed, this is the accompanying.

That is great, I say everyone own the canines

This canine didn’t descend from the sky.

I got it from another person.

I didn’t create it myself, I got it from others, I purchased the best, I attempt to deliver the best.

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