Marissa Cloutier: A Florida Rockstar

marissa cloutier florida

If you’re looking for a Florida success story, look no further than Marissa Cloutier. She’s the owner of an inspiring marketing agency, one of the most sought-after speakers in the state, and a successful entrepreneur. So, what is it that sets Marissa apart from other professionals in her field? Let’s take a closer look at Marissa Cloutier and find out why she’s become such an inspiring role model.

A Career Built on Passion & Hard Work

Marissa Cloutier has always been passionate about marketing and communications. After graduating from college with degrees in Marketing & Management, she began working as a digital marketer for a variety of companies. Along the way, she developed skills in SEO optimization, content writing, email campaigns, and more. It was through her hard work and dedication to her craft that she was able to start her own agency—Cloutier Agency—in 2019.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Marissa has worked hard to build relationships with some of the biggest names in Florida business. In addition to providing top-notch marketing services to her clients, she also works closely with them to develop strategies that will help them reach their goals. Her diligence has paid off; today Cloutier Agency is one of the most sought-after agencies in South Florida.

Inspirational Speaker & Thought Leader Marissa Cloutier Florida

In addition to running a successful business, Marissa is also an inspirational speaker and thought leader who has spoken at dozens of conferences across the country. She is known for providing practical advice on topics such as SEO optimization and content marketing that attendees can walk away with and put into action right away. Her presentations are always engaging and informative; no wonder people line up outside of event venues just to hear her speak!


Marissa Cloutier is living proof that hard work pays off. Through sheer determination and passion for what she does, she has achieved tremendous success both professionally and personally. From running her own successful marketing firm to speaking on stages around the world, there’s no limit to what this dynamic Florida rockstar can accomplish! If you want some inspiration or need help taking your business to the next level, follow Marissa on social media or book her for your next conference or event today!

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