What to Find in the Monitor Obituaries

The Monitor Obituaries

The Monitor obituaries are a valuable resource for anyone who is searching for information about their deceased loved ones. Monitor obituaries contain a wealth of information, including details about the individual’s life, such as their age, birth date, place of birth, and more. It also includes information about surviving family members. Let’s take a look at what else you can find in the obituaries.

A Brief History

The Monitor obituaries have been around since 1991 and are published weekly on Fridays. They are compiled from local funeral homes and other sources throughout Central Texas. Over the years, these obituaries have become an invaluable source of information for those researching their family history or looking to learn more about those who have passed away.

What You’ll Find in the Monitor Obituaries

The obituaries typically include basic biographical information such as name, age at death, date of birth/death, place of birth/death, and occupation. Depending on the source providing this information, it may also include personal anecdotes such as hobbies or interests that they had while they were alive. Additionally, some obits may list surviving family members such as children or grandchildren that were alive at the time of death. Finally, some obits will contain information regarding memorial services or donations that can be made in memory of the deceased individual. 


The Monitor obituaries provide a great resource for anyone who is looking to learn more about their deceased loved ones or simply wants to read up on local news related to them. With detailed biographical information and contact details for surviving family members, if available, these obits can help bring closure and peace to many people during difficult times. Whether you’re researching your family history or just curious about what’s happening locally in Central Texas, be sure to check out the Monitor Obituary page each week!

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