10 Questions for a Cane Corso Owner

Questions for a Cane Corso Owner

the Connie Corso is otherwise known as the

Italian Mastiff is the descendant of

dogs used by the ancient Romans and

warfare for centuries the dogs have been

kept on farms and uses catch dogs for

cattle and swine they’ve also been used

for boar hunting and regarde property

livestock and the family home the

the question arises what’s it like to own a

Connie Corson

How big do they get?

males are twenty-five to

twenty-seven point five inches withers

females are around twenty-three point

five inches to 26 inches at the withers

and the average weight of a conic parcel

ranges from 90 to 120 pounds the

American Connie Corsa like Bruce Wayne

tens are a little bit larger and he’s

152 pounds do they shed one of the

The amazing thing about Connie courses is they

all that much when put

Do not shed? Questions for a Cane Corso Owner

on a proper diet such as raw they go

through two sheds of the season typically

that’s spring and fall other than that

hair fall is a minimum.

Do they drool?

on average Connie, and Courcelles don’t drool

too much they don’t have the oversized

jowls that an English Mastiff or an st.

Bernard has but puts a treat in front of

these guys and its waterfowl City and

on how gentle Connie’s courses are watch

the most gentle dog I’ve ever had my

entire life

this is not typical that’s if you have a

treat typically conic horses do not

drool that much.

Are they dangerous?

a well-trained and socialized Connie

cárcel is not dangerous in an aggressive

manner now due to their extreme size

like I said these 152 pounds you do need

to take the necessary precaution when you’re

playing with them they’re large when

they’re running around with you playing

they can knock you over resulting in

injury other than that they’re not

dangerous and they’re an extremely

loving and gentle breed.

How are they with kids?

Connie Courcelles make amazing family

pets and they love everyone in the

household especially children like I

said they’re extremely gentle but due to

their large size you must take necessary

precaution around children and always

supervise your child when they’re with

their colleague or so.

How are they with other pets? Questions for a Cane Corso Owner

if you have other pets in the

house no need to worry because Connie

car sales tend to take those pets and

take them into their path as the kind of

the course will seize you as part of its

pack it’s gonna see your other animals

your cat or your dog is part of its pack

and it will show the same type of

Guardian instincts towards your other

pets that you have in the household so

they are great with other animals in the

house especially when raised with other animals.

What is their energy level like?

tiny courses are a medium energy level

the dog they definitely need daily exercise

and more importantly, they need daily

mental stimulation they’re a working

breeds so they need a job to do mentally

stimulating your Connie Corso is gonna

drain their energy far more than

physical exercise and if you can combine

the two that are even better.

Are they good for first-time dog owners?

unfortunately, this breed is not for

first-time dog owners, they need a family

that’s on the same page with excellent

leadership ability everyone in the

family needs to be a leader to the dog

Connie courses are extremely easy to

please so in that manner they’re easy to

train without proper leadership in place

though they’re gonna feel like they need

to be the leader they’re gonna start

making the decisions for you and

is a recipe for disaster with this breed

so unless you have an excellent dog

leadership abilities I highly do not

recommend this breed for first-time owners.

Are they good Guardians? Questions for a Cane Corso Owner

connect horses make excellent Guardians

they’re extremely possessive by nature

of their people and their property so

they’re very quick to alert you to

anything out of the ordinary.

How are they with strangers?

an adult time a

course well doesn’t really care about

strangers too much now as a puppy they

want to be pet by every single stranger

they see they want all the attention as

they age that starts to change properly

socialize they shouldn’t show any

aggression towards strangers now they

will be alert and suspect strangers

but that’s not the same as showing

aggression toward the stranger.

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