What Does Red On Deck Meaning below deck

red on deck meaning below deck

Have you ever heard someone say they are “red on deck” and wondered what it meant? It’s a common phrase used in the maritime industry, but unless someone has worked on a boat they likely don’t know that it refers to a specific procedure. Let’s take a look at what “red on deck” means and why it is important.

If you’re a fan of the popular reality TV show, Below Deck, then you have probably heard the phrase “red on deck”. But what does it actually mean? Here, we’ll explore the origin and definition of the phrase, as well as its usage in the show’s context. Read more On Deck Meaning

The Meaning of “Red On Deck”

“Red on deck” is an order given by the captain or crew when something dangerous is about to happen. It signals for everyone onboard to stay away from the decks of the ship and remain in their living quarters. It can also be used to alert passengers that something potentially hazardous is about to occur, such as when a ship is entering or leaving port. This is done for safety reasons; if anyone was out on the decks, then they could potentially be injured by strong winds, heavy machinery, or other elements of the environment around them. Read more what is red on deck

The Procedure for Red On Deck 

When the order “red on deck” is given there are several steps that must be taken. Firstly, all non-essential personnel should head below deck immediately and remain there until further notice. This includes any passengers who may be aboard at the time and not part of the regular crew. Once everyone has gone below deck, all exterior doors should be locked and secured so no one can get back onto the decks without permission. Lastly, all loose items should be stowed away so they do not become hazards during whatever activity will occur while red on deck is in effect.

Origin & Definition of ‘Red on Deck’

The phrase “red on deck” originated in the United States Navy to indicate an emergency situation. When a ship was experiencing a fire or other dangerous situation, sailors were instructed to paint all exposed surfaces with red paint. This included decks, railings, and other areas that could be seen from above. This was done to signal other ships nearby that there was an emergency onboard and that help was needed.

Usage in Below Deck Context

On Below Deck, this phrase is used by Captain Lee Rosbach when he senses a problem or emergency aboard the yacht he captains. He will often shout out “red on deck!” to draw attention to any potential problems or issues that require immediate attention. Additionally, red on deck meaning below deck if something goes wrong during a charter or if someone is not following protocol, Captain Lee may also use this phrase to indicate his dissatisfaction and get everyone back on track.


Understanding what “red on deck” means is important for anyone who may find themselves working or traveling on ships or boats in the future. It ensures everyone remains safe from any potential danger that may arise due to activities onboard or environmental factors outside of their control. By following protocol when it comes to red-on-deck orders, everyone can rest assured knowing that their safety has been taken into consideration by those in charge of their voyage!

The phrase “red on deck” has been around for centuries and is still used today in Below Deck as a way for Captain Lee Rosbach to signal when something needs to be addressed urgently onboard the yacht. By understanding its origin and usage in the context of the show, fans can gain greater insight into what goes into running a successful charter business at sea!

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