Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein

Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein

today I want to talk about the dog food

that saved my dog’s life hello my name

is Irshad from the personal finance

website Irshad says calm and this is a

a little bit of a different article for me

but it’s an important one because it’s

about my dog Lucy when I adopted my dog

nine years ago she had a whole host of


I switched her from food to food we’ve

been on every type of protein and she

had problems with them all after about

six months she would throw up and have

diarrhea and at one time I had to have

her sent to the vet for seven days just

to get her back up and running and so Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein

she could live a healthy life with all

this vet visits the bills really

started to add up and I brought her to a

specialist about two and a half years

ago because she developed a separate

condition it was rat tail she had

thyroid issues the solution for that was

easy it was thyroid medication but we

used that opportunity to also switch her

to a different type of food and I didn’t

really know much about this food and I

tried to look for reviews of it at the

time and didn’t see a whole lot so

that’s why I’m really creating this

video and the type of food that we

switch Lucy to Royal Canin

hydrolyzed protein I have the bag here

I’m going to show you right now what

it looks like hope you can still hear me

it is a teal bag there is a small dog

formula as well as a regular formula and

I also think they have a version for


so this food was a real game-changer

since two and a half years ago Lucy

hasn’t had any sort of episodes and I

really should show you to her if she’s

sitting right here next to me a little

camera-shy I have a picture of her on my

the phone though and if you can’t see this

the picture I’ll link to it in the

the description below to my Instagram lots

of pictures for her there but really I

honestly, I’m not eating the food so I

can’t review it but I can tell you that

the dog has no problem with the food she

really enjoys it and all the issues that

we’ve had previously with her throwing

up and diarrhea stopped when should we

switch to hydrolyzed protein now I

understand that this isn’t a

limitation diet food I’m not a vet so

ask your vet about this this is a

prescription food so you’ll need a

a prescription from your vet to get it but

what I understand is a lot of dogs will

go in this for just six months due to my

dog’s age she’s about 11 or 12 we’re not

exactly sure my vet suggested that she

stay on this food for the rest of her

the life I have since moved and switched

vets and my current vet also agree with

that so for a lot of people you may put

your dog on this food for a short period

of time to determine what’s going on as

far as allergies but if you have an

an older dog maybe ask your vet as I did

what to do and they may suggest that you

keep your dog on hydrolyzed protein for

For the rest of their life this food is not

cheap that’s something that I want to

mention right out of the gate it is

about forty to forty-five dollars a bag

and the bag I have here is the

forty dollar bag it is eight point eight

pounds there are a couple of ways to save

the main way that I’m saving now is

using the ibotta browser extension I

bought it as a cash-back app but if you

shop using your computer with the

browser extension you can get cash back

and online retailers so as I mentioned

it’s a prescription food you’re going to

need a prescription from your vet but

you can ask the vet to give you the

prescription and then go to Petco com

using the I bought a browser extension Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein

you’ll get a little bit of cashback the

The last time I did it it was 10% cash back

I’ll link to all those instructions in

the description below on how to use the

I bought a browser extension how I use

it to save money on this food another

way if you don’t want to mess with the

a browser extension is to set up auto

delivery through Petco that will save

you a couple of bucks a month on the food

another thing since my dog has this

appears to have some pretty severe

allergies issues with chicken beef

venison all other types of food it seems

I don’t give her any other treats and

there I said her favorite word she just

perked up a little bit beside me I give

her these little kibbles as her treat so

this is her food no other special bones

or no other commercial foods that are

sold at the pet store it’s just this one

prescription food I found that by

limiting to just this that I’ve been

able to really resolve all the problems

for her and I feel like she’s living a

happier and healthier life that she has

in a really long time so that’s my quick

review of Royal Canin hydrolyzed protein

if you have an experience with this food

I think it’d be great if you could

leave a comment down in the comments

below because as I mentioned when I was

researching it I couldn’t find a whole

a lot of information about the food out

there and the more voice is the better

for other pet owners who may be going

through a similar type of situation with

a dog who has severe allergies thank you

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