Social Media Marketing for Salons-Instagram & Facebook

Social Media Marketing for Salons

so are you spending a lot of time

posting on social media and

managing yourself on social media

account but you’re not really seeing

that follower growth the engagement and

ultimately the business results that you

want to see

in this article, I’m gonna share five

different salon

marketing ideas for social media that

you can use

to make the time you spend on social

media more effective and what you

post have a greater business impact so

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so social media has become a very Social Media Marketing for Salons

a powerful marketing tool that is used by

a lot of salons in particular Instagram

is very popular with hair stylists and

nail techs

because it’s a great platform where you

can share like visual

creations right and the transformations

that you’re creating in the salon it’s


meant for asylum businesses to be on

and a lot of silence are seeing a lot of

success in getting a lot of clients

through effective use of the platform

but I also meet a lot of hair stylists

and nail techs and salon owners

who are feeling that they’re spending

too much time it’s really stressful

because they need to post frequently


need to do a lot right but they’re not

seeing that business impact they’re not

seeing the follower growth

and that it has the effect that they

want so the

five different silent marketing ideas

for social media that I’m going to cover


should help you reduce some of that

stress level and also make what you post

more effective

number one make what you post about your


and not about you it’s easy to fall into

the trap that we think you know too much

about ourselves, you know what do i look

like when i post this that this sounds

smart what I’m doing or

maybe i have a promotion that i want to

talk about what is relevant for my salon

and we forget a little bit about the

people on the other side

to grow a following and you know to

have people want to see what you’re


it needs to be valuable and you need to

be valuable to them

and so it’s really important to have a

clear picture in mind of

who is that person on the other side how

can I help that person and how can i

provide value for that person

and in the end, I mean you’re the beauty

expert and I’m sure that

in the salon, you get a lot of questions

for clients who are asking you

about different things related to beauty

how to Social Media Marketing for Salons

you know solve different things or help

them with different issues

so you know listening to what they say

and what they ask

will give you a lot of ideas of what

they value right

and if someone is asking that then

chances are quite high that a lot more

people are

and so if you focus your attention on

how can what i post be

as helpful as possible to the people on

the other side

you will grow people will see the value


following you and engaging with you

and this is an important element an

the important mindset to have

when you want to grow your following you

know you can talk about

you and you know all that certainly

works when it’s like your mom following

you or your closest friends or something

but if you run a salon business you know

you need to be valuable and you need to

create value for people to follow you

so number two make what you post local

whenever you can so there’s a lot of


on the social platforms today especially

the big ones like Instagram

there are a lot of hairstylists on there

there are a lot of nail takes on there

you know whatever you know field of

salon you have

I’m sure you know you’ll notice that

it’s crowded and it’s hard to kind of

make your message and what you post

stand out among all these other people

but a good thing is that if your


is to attract the business you know if to

attract clients

to your salon all, you really need to

care about is the people who are living

or working

in your local area right it doesn’t

really matter so much if someone in a

different country or state or far away

from where you are Social Media Marketing for Salons

since your posts uh you know it can be

good if you want to build like a global

brand or a national brand and so on but


for most salons who only want to attract

you know new business

into the salon, it’s not really it

doesn’t really matter you know you don’t

need to be visible directly you just

need to make sure that you’re visible


and if you look in your local area the

number of stylists or salons in the area

that’s significantly lower than when

you’re competing globally right so the

platforms have

different types of support for making

what you post local

but you know always make sure that you

geotag your content as well

for the local area and if you’re on

Instagram which I think

most of you are you can also use a local

hashtag strategy so

when you post you use locally relevant

hashtags Social Media Marketing for Salons

and this is quite easy to do actually so

what I’m talking about is things like

you know let’s say you’re in Boston

you might use Boston nail tech if

that’s your profession or if you’re in

new york it might be a hashtag new york

air salon

and you know in order to find out which

hashtags in your area

are popular and that you can leverage in

your marketing in order to get the

the attention of those people who are

following these

highly relevant hashtags uh in your


you can simply go to Instagram on your

phone it’s super easy I can do it now


if you go on the tags and you can where

you can search for hashtags

you just start by typing the city so

for example, if we take the last one new

york so you type new york

and then you type hair straight after

and you’ll get a suggestion

of different hashtags that you can use

so for example um new york hairstylist

hair salon new york hair extension your

hair braiders I mean

if you just go and do that type of

Search Instagram automatically suggests

the most popular hashtags that start

with a new york air new york nail and so

on and you can just play around with

that to see

which are the hashtags that have a lot

of engagement

that are specific to the type of service

that I offer in my specific

area and you can leverage those when you

post your content

because that is a great way to reach

highly targeted audiences who are

looking for a new york hair salon you

know on that hashtag right then and


so that’s a great way to make sure you

get out there

in front of the right people um using

Instagram specifically and

you know you don’t need to limit

yourself to just your salon niche

specifically like nail salons and so on

you can use

other locally relevant hashtags so if

there’s an event happening in your area

where Social Media Marketing for Salons

you know it somehow has a good fit with

what you do

you can use those local hashtags

as well as to get in front of people

associated with that event so Social Media Marketing for Salons

the only thing i would say when you use

other hashtags than in your niche is

just make sure that what you post is

actually relevant to what’s happening

there at that event or whatever it is

you’re posting on

and because Instagram also looks at this

and if someone is using a lot of like

irrelevant hashtags for their post they

treat that as spam and that could have a

negative impact as well

so it’s important that you only use the

hashtags that are

relevant for what you post but that you

use those

uh local hashtags effectively and by

doing that

you know that’s one way of reaching more

locally what you’re posting on

social media can make it more


to get in front of the right audience

and getting the right visibility

so number three make sure you always

link your profile

back to where you can book an

appointment in your salon i.e back to

your website

and this is important i mean if you’re

posting a lot of great stuff you’re

building a follower

following and you know they like what

they see but they’re not able to find

out you know how can I book and how can

i get that for my hair

for my nails and so on and that would be

a shame right to lose a potentially new

client that way

so it’s an easy exercise i hope you

already have it but i see it way too

often that you know silence is missing

this so make sure that

for example, on your Instagram you can

actually only have one link as you might

be aware

so that real estate that you have in

your bio is very important

um that you have clear you know with

phone number and clear link back to

where you can book an appointment

so make it really easy for someone who

sees what they like to go

and to book with you so that you don’t

lose clients on the way

and the different social platforms have

you know book now buttons now integrated

on Facebook and you know there’s

different means for it Social Media Marketing for Salons

but make sure that you always have that

link back to your website

where people can book their appointment

so number four

batch your content so you know being

on social media and growing a social

media that means being active on there

and i know that this can be stressful

like we need to post

so many times a week and you know you

always need to be on there

sharing new things um so what i really

would recommend

is to try and move into you know certain


when you create the content and then

schedule that content out for your

period of time this will help you both

like reduce your stress levels because

you can

you know if you have a day a month or

you know an hour a week or you know

however, you want to want to do it but

when you kind of set up all the content

it will help you

both because you know that that’s set up

and then content

is going out at the right time and you

don’t need to think about it

but it would also help you plan ahead

better right so the content calendar

that you have for what should you post

when do you have the right mix of

you know providing value versus when you

promote and so on

and that will make it much easier to

plan that when you kind of have your

calendar ahead

the month ahead and then you know laying

out your content to go out at the right


and some platforms have support for this

built in like

youtube like you’re watching this on

right now here i can batch record a few


and then i can just plan them out so

they go out every week um so that you

get new fresh content

without me having to stress every week

that i need to produce something new

um but other platforms don’t have that

flexibility but

for example, Instagram don’t have it but

there’s a lot of Social Media Marketing for Salons

tools you can use that are cheap or even

I think there are some free ones as well

and where you can actually integrate

that with your social account so that

you can plan your content ahead

and that that will then just publish for

you automatically and you don’t need to

worry about it during the week and

during the week you can maybe just do an

instant story or

you know do whatever you feel like right

but you know that you have the frequency

set up and that

your social media marketing will run for


in the background as well I think this

is a can be a big change

to reduce stress and also to improve the


of what you’re posting so that what you

post becomes more strategic

and really helps you achieve the

objectives that you want to get new

clients and you know

getting returned clients that will help

you achieve that better as well

so highly recommend that batch produce

your content and then

schedule it out number five encourage

your clients to post from your salon

and I know I’ve talked about this before

as well um but it’s important and it’s a

very effective when you have a client in

the chair if they want to post about


their experience that they’ve had in

your salon you’re reaching

obviously their friends and you know

their community and you’re getting kind

of their endorsement of your asylum at


at the same time so you know they’re

friends because they probably also live

in the area

and you know they are highly relevant

and great for you

to reach from the salon so make sure you

make this easy

and I’m not saying like you know ask

your client to post and so on that can

be a little bit awkward but just make it

very easy for them to do it so

help them take their before and after

picture during the appointment you know

when they have that afterward they


you know love to post that most likely

and just help them take the pictures

create a space

with light with good lighting and so on

where you can actually or where they can

take their pictures

so they get nice pictures from the salon

because you know these types of things

that you do in this album that

transformation people love to share that


with their friends so just doing simple

things to encourage that sharing

and you know make it easy for them to

understand that

yours your Instagram account if that’s

the platform you’re using is available

so they cannot mention you

and you know just make that sharing easy

and that can help you

a lot in reaching a highly targeted


from an endorsement of their friend

which is a very effective way

of both growing your Instagram account

but also getting new clients

through the door so that was the five

social media marketing ideas for

salons hair stylists nail techs and

other beauty professionals

I hope you found it helpful let’s just


what uh what we went through so number

one make sure that what you post

is valuable to the person on the other

side so make it about them not about you

number two try to make what you post

locally relevant and use

whatever tools the platform that you’re

using supports

to make sure you first and foremost get

in front of that local audience because

that’s in the end who you want to


into your salon number three always link

back to your salon website or your

booking platform and just make it super


to find you know how to get an

the appointment when they come across your


media account and number four batch your


so take a day out when you produce a lot

of the stuff that you’re gonna post

and then schedule it out this will

reduce your stress certainly

and make what you post better and more

strategic as well and number five

finally, make it easy for your clients to

post from your salon this way you get in

front of also their friends with their

endorsements which are really your target

group so

make that easy for them again I hope you

found this helpful

uh if you did give me a thumbs up if you

didn’t give me a thumbs down

but no it’s very helpful to get your

feedback on what’s working and what’s

not on this channel so I can produce


of those types of videos if you like to

see more

like social media-focused videos write

yes in the comments box below

and I’ll make sure to get some more

social media-specific videos

produced over the next coming weeks and

months as well

thanks a lot for watching and have a

great rest of the day

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