Rottweiler Types – 5 Types of Rottweilers

tell you about the five different types of rottweiler when most people think of a rottweiler dog breed they picture the sturdy tall muscular dog with floppy ears and a two-tone coatit may be a surprise to you that there actually five different types of this rottweiler now this is a controversial topic and many rottweiler breeders and owners don’t see eye to eye on this topic but in this video, we’re gonna walk through the five different types and how to identify which type you might have the rottweiler is an awesome dog that can be traced all the way back to ancient roman legends this mighty dogs are sturdy and strong and went all the way back to protect Romans and their territories and

strong types of rottweiler

their holdings they’re strong dogs they have a strong prey drive and they have strong drives toward people, especially their owners they have a tireless work ethic and immense courage even with faced with larger predators either human or animals so in this video we’ll share the five different types so let’s get into it right now number one is the german rottweiler the main distinction today between the german and the American rottweiler is the dog’s birthplace

this is why you may find some breeders who specialize in german rottweiler breeding these dogs in America the breeding stock of the male and female parent dogs were imported from Germany with a german birthplace the puppies are considered to be from a german rottweiler breed line german rottweilers are often to be larger stockier and heavier than their American cousins these dogs always have a natural longtail as german breeders do not practice tail backing

great way

but in general, a great way to recognize a german rottweiler is of course from paperwork but if you don’t have that and you’re trying to figure out what this rottweiler might be a heavier stockier dog is usually a german rottweiler number two is the American rottweiler this dog is born in America plain and simple but in America the AKC is a governing body that oversees the official breed standard in America it is customary to dock the tail the rottweiler and this is specified in the American breed standard this is done in puppyhood and often when a dog is fixed also in the American standard it is specified that

the female adult will look distinctly feminine versus the male having more of a masculine look this is absent from the german breed standard in the American breed standard colors specified black with rust to mahoganyaccents[Music]next is the roman rottweiler this dog is the original rottweiler dog breed from which all other types have descended

roman rottweiler types of rottweiler

this type of rottweiler is probably the most controversial because it’s a bigger dog some breeders market it as a giant rottweiler and they try to make the dog as big as possible but as we’ve learned that’s not safe for the dog and not healthy for the dog so if you see a rottweiler that stands a little taller with a little longer legs but is still fairly big odds are that’s a roman rottweiler direct descendant of the originals

Applause]number four is a tailed rottweiler for many years tail docking was a pretty common practice for specific breeds like the rottweiler but now you can see most of the rottweilers will have a tail because since 1999 germans have banned the practice of tail docking the tailed rottweiler is making come backed standard recognizes a rottweiler with a tail in a natural condition whereas the AKC standards call for a tail docked short so if you see a long tail on a rottweiler now that that’s somewhat unusual but definitely making a come back lastly.

we’ll look at rare rottweiler sometimes breeder sells valuable and highly-priced rottweilers that can make you stumble on the breeder you may find red rottweilers blue or even albinos breeders look to draw your attention to these dogs even though such dogs may appear enticing they are not rottweilers by the standard it said that these dogs are what you get when breeding a dog with another dog also known as a mutt also long-hairedrottweilers considered to be rare but according to they do not meet the standard and therefore.

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