What does red on deck in yachting mean

What does red on deck in yachting mean

Have you ever been out on a yacht and heard the phrase “red on deck”? The term “red on deck” is commonly used in yachting circles to remind guests and crew members that they need to wear shoes with non-marking soles while walking around the boat. we will make sense of why this standard exists and how you can recollect it.

Why Non-Marking Soles Are Important

The main reason for not wearing shoes with black or rubber soles is that these types of soles leave marks on the deck, which are difficult to remove. This is particularly obvious on the off chance that your boat has a white or light-shaded deck. Over time, these marks can become permanent stains that ruin the look of your boat and reduce its value. In addition, many marinas do not allow any type of shoe with black or rubber soles as they can damage other boats in the marina as well as docks and walkways. Red On Deck Meaning

How to Remember Red On Deck

One way to remember this rule is to think about what color your sole should be—red! Shoes with white or red (or similarly light-colored) soles will not mark up your deck. When in doubt, try using a paper towel or other light-colored cloth to test out the sole of your shoe before stepping onto the deck of your boat.

Another helpful tip is to make sure all guests know about the rule ahead of time before stepping onto the boat. You can also assign each guest a pair of shoes when they board that have white or red (or similarly light-colored) soles so there isn’t any confusion about what type of shoes are allowed on board. Read more about what does red on deck mean in boating


Red on deck is an important rule for yachting that should never be overlooked. Not only does it protect your boat from unsightly marks but it also ensures that other boats in the marina aren’t damaged by careless footwear choices. By following this simple rule and educating your guests beforehand, What does red on deck in yachting mean you can ensure that everyone enjoys their time out on the water without having to worry about leaving behind any unwelcome marks!

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