What does red on deck mean in boating

what does red on deck mean in boating

Have you at any point seen a boat with a warning flying from its pole? This is an important signal for other boaters to be aware of, as it has a specific meaning in the maritime world. It’s called “Red on Deck” and it has been used for generations to indicate that something highly dangerous or potentially deadly is taking place. Knowing the significance of the Red on Deck flag can help save lives and prevent serious damage or injury.

What Does Red On Deck Mean?

The phrase “Red on deck” is derived from maritime law, which states that if a ship has a red flag hoisted at its mast, no one should come onto the deck of the vessel without permission. This indicates that there is some type of hazardous activity going on and that only authorized personnel should be allowed access to the deck. The most common activities associated with this warning sign are welding, painting, blasting, what does red on deck mean in boating, and other operations involving open flames or sparks. In general, Red on Deck means that there is an elevated risk of fire aboard the vessel and all unauthorized personnel must stay away from the area until further notice. Read more Red On Deck Meaning

Safety Measures

When you see a boat with the Red on Deck signal raised, it’s very important to keep your distance in order to ensure safety for both yourself and those working aboard the vessel. It’s also important to remember that these signals are not just applicable to larger commercial vessels—they also apply to recreational boats as well! If you ever see someone welding or doing any other type of hazardous activity aboard their boat, make sure they have posted a red flag at their mast before getting too close. red on deck meaning boat


In summary, seeing “Red on Deck” while out boating is an important sign indicating dangerous operations taking place onboard. what does red on deck mean in boating All boaters should be aware of this signal so they can properly react when they encounter it while out at sea. Always keep your distance if you see a red flag flying from another vessel’s mast and never attempt to board without express permission from those aboard! By following these simple guidelines, everyone can stay safe while out enjoying time spent around watercraft!

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