what is fashion and fashionista?

what is fashion

well tell me do you love articles of clothing

are you one of them who only conversations about

plan what is fashion

about worldwide brands or makers

then well yes this model is for you

since here

on the board, I have some language

associated with style

so we will start with the very

the essential word here is the fashionista

so tell me are you a fashionista

well who is a fashionista

well fashionista is another person

just captivated by configuration yet is

totally focused on style

so someone who knows and follows

all of the new crazes have the best of

clothing the best of packs

be it hair or additional items

they are completely devoted to shape

so such people are called fashionistas

to a focused individual

with style


another that I have for you here

is a moderate dresser

so who is a moderate dresser

well someone who could manage without to uncover

someone who could manage without to display too

much skin

as of now you will go over various women who

could manage without wearing short skirts or do

despise wearing tops without sleeves or

displaying their cleavage so they are

for they the whole fall into this sort

that is moderate dresses


so someone who doesn’t


okay so they’re continually covered

articles of clothing


then, at that point, the third one that I have for you

is a trailblazer

well a trailblazer is someone who

follows a style alright or raises a new

style rather raises a new pattern and

then, helps it with putting it on the map

so for example uh there are so many

performers who started wearing

hair bunches are okay the men wearing hair


furthermore, subsequently I saw that there were so

various men who started following that

design who started wearing hairbands


those performers are pioneers

then again these days this is another look the all around utilized

out denim alright so regardless, when you go to

the market

you go to the shop and you end up buying

new denim

they’re either fairly obscured or

they’re depleted okay they’re as well

called as tiger denim


where does this all come from well

someone who started this style and it

was notable to the point that people started

following that style so the person being referred to was

the trailblazer is okay so someone who

starts a style

what’s more, a short time later it becomes popular and people

start following it alright what is fashion

the fourth one is the more responsible option style

well more responsible option configuration is uh

you know when you end up buying articles of clothing


shops like hm never-endingly 21 or Zara well

these old brands are more respectable option shops

then again more responsible option checks so they are

sensible anyway they moreover follow the new

designs are okay so they’re not unreasonably exorbitant

Alright a typical individual can

bear the expense of a more respectable option shopping and uh and

they look genuinely classy okay so that is

more responsible option style so something which

is sensible

additionally, stylish


also, a while later the last excess one here that I

have is thrift shop well a thrift shop

is a shop that sells old pieces of clothing or

reused pieces of clothing

so it is reused clothing well

normally, thrift shop sell second-hand

clothing to raise resources for church or

for some establishment so uh in all honesty

all around I have seen so many

thrift shop what is fashion

who sell reused articles of clothing

likewise, that genuinely helps uh them to help

for a respectable objective alright so that kind of shops

are called thrift shop alright so these

are certain words that are associated with

style and as of now we will look at

a couple of words that would help you to

portray style it is by and large great to

examine configuration right or someone who

is extraordinarily stylish

then, the following are a couple of words for you

the first is cleaned

well smart

is someone who is smart

is someone who is exceptionally well known

who seek after the new bearings and they’re

ceaselessly wearing an astoundingly classy way

so they are forward-thinking

Presently so someone who is really popular

to be sure, even the word chick has a comparable importance

chick moreover means to be upscale or


in any case when you say

um benevolent did you look at Karen’s new chick

coat what is fashion

Alright so chick sounds fairly wonderful


it’s a french word

in any case, the significance is just the comparable being

elegant or being in the current style or famous

Alright so you can include the word chick as


besides, the third one is well in

well here when I write in it plans that

thoughtful this blue tone is a particularly colossal sum in these


so in concerning structure suggests

something which is really hot

hot selling or is very notable

so when that is the thing I say

goodness cowhide coats are so in these days

this infers it’s extremely considered uh

hot or what is fashion

astoundingly sharp okay that by far most of people

are wearing the very same thing it’s a

notable style so

that is the explanation I have this word in here

then, we have stylish now sleek is as well

essentially like that in

on the other hand something which is really hot

additionally, something which is extremely popular

these days

like I

expressed separated denim

are so stylish or this new assortment the new

pink the carrot pink is so sharp so

something which is astoundingly notable is very

considered to be particularly hot and is pretty

much in okay so that is the best word for you

to portray plan that is well known

then I have exceptional what is fashion

well what rings a bell when you

use the word intriguing with something

which is old yet extraordinarily smart and

of an unimaginable quality

so something which is old fun

classy and incredible quality

goodness her dress is so unique

so exceptional

the stand-out dress might be uh

worn by others before okay so these

articles of clothing are old

anyway, they’re extraordinarily elegant they’re like

unfading greatness

likewise, they are of good quality and exorbitantly okay so

that is interesting clothing right

furthermore, subsequently, the last one that I have for

you are model

the dull dress is continually considered to

be a masterpiece

so again it’s ever-enduring

so it commendable means

you know explicit clothing or certain

packs or certain embellishments are praiseworthy

since what is fashion

be it, in any case, dated or

in spite of the way that if it’s not in that frame of mind of whether

it’s not these days it’s still

seen as excellent the clarification


it’s one of the most staggering plans for example

in case you are wearing a nice wonderful dim

dress it’s continually seen as


whether or not dull is in any way it is

a model so these are a couple of words that

would help you with depicting the style

so this brings.

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